tesa® Photo Tape

tesa® Photo Tape is a double-sided self adhesive tape especially made to stick photo prints into a photo album or any other flat surface.

  • Also suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Transparent
  • Strong hold

Order no:
Dimensions: 7.5 m : 12 mm

Main features

  • Also suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Transparent
  • Strong hold
  • Permanent bond

Product description

tesa® Photo Tape is a special kind of double-sided self-adhesive tape. This transparent photo tape was especially designed to permanently stick photographic prints into an album, or attach them to any other firm and surface. The tape is equipped with an especially formulated self-adhesive coating for photos that guarantees strong and long-term adhesion.
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Photos can be wonderful pieces of art. They also make great memories capturing those very special moments of our life. Some pictures might be so special that you want to add them to your album in an extra large format. tesa® Photo Tape allows you to fix those photographs in a clean, easy and long-lasting way.

How about a fancy photo collage?

Photo collages combine pictures of various sizes that sum up to a photo story you will enjoy looking at again and again. You can stick such a collage directly onto or compose it on a poster-size cardboard that can be inserted into a picture frame. In any case, tesa® Photo Tape serves a s perfect means to permanently stick each individual picture onto the cardboard or the wall and turn your collection into a unique piece of art.

Practical photo tape dispenser for easy application

The transparent self-adhesive tesa® Photo Tape is available in a practical hand dispenser containing a roll holding 7.5 m of 12 mm wide tape. You can also get individual rolls for refilling. After sticking a strip of tape along one or multiple sides of your photo print, simply pull off the film protecting the self-adhesive coating and you are ready to stick your picture or poster onto any flat surface.