tesa® Photo Mounts

tesa® Photo Mounts are self-adhesive double-sided plastic squares that are perfectly suited to quickly stick your photos into an album.

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Practical pull-of tab
  • Acid-free

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Main features

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Practical pull-of tab
  • Acid-free
  • Practical dispenser

Product description

You like to do things the traditional way and still use these fancy albums to keep the pictures that document your life. tesa® Photo Mounts take you from traditional phot albums directly into the modern world. They are versatile double-sided self-adhesive photo stickers that provide you with an completely invisible way to stick your photo prints into your album. So forget about glue sticks or even fluid glue. Simply use tesa® Photo Mounts to quickly fill your photo album with those precious memories.
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Memories are made of pictures and photo albums have been the traditional place to keep those valuable snaps that make up your life. So why keep your precious memories in some box? Arrange them nicely on the pages of your photo album instead. Use your creativity to make a beautiful wedding photo album, a fancy holiday photo book or a family book to document those outstanding moments.

Sticking photos the fast and easy way

tesa® Photo Mounts are double-sided self-adhesive photo stickers especially designed to invisibly stick photos into an album. Simply stick them onto the back of your photo prints, pull off the practical tab and gently press the photo onto an empty page of your album. There is no need to use a glue stick and you won't have to worry about spilling fluid glue.

Ready for photos of any size

The double-sided self-adhesive tesa® Photo Mounts match any size of photo print. For small print, two stickers might be sufficient. Larger prints can be securely stuck into an album with as many as you consider necessary.

Practical dispenser for easy use

tesa® Photo Mounts come in a practical dispenser that makes it easy to apply them to the back of any phot print. It is designed in a way that the paper protecting the adhesive coating comes off automatically when you pull out one of the photo stickers.

Ready for permanent adhesion

tesa® Photo Mounts are equipped with an acid-free self-adhesive coating on both sides. It is consists of a highly effective bonding agent that was made for permanent adhesion on any cardboard or paper. So you can be sure that your photographic memories stay in position, even if you open the album at some distant day in the future to look at them again or show them to your children.