tesa® Photo Corners

For lovers of traditional photo albums, these transparent and self-adhesive tesa® Photo Corners offer reliable adhesion and can still be removed anytime.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Solvent-free
  • Practical dispenser

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Main features

  • Self-adhesive
  • Solvent-free
  • Practical dispenser

Product description

For lovers of traditional photo albums, these self-adhesive tesa® Photo Corners are simply a must-have. They are indispensable for impressive wedding photo albums and make it easy to design your personal photo book with all those party pictures and family memories. They come in a practical dispenser and quickly attach to the pages of your photo album. Featuring a special solvent-free adhesive coating, they not only stick reliably but can also be removed easily at any time.
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Do you still love those traditional photo albums that have been used for generations? Do you enjoy paging through your wedding photo album that holds those precious memories of the most exciting moment of your life? Do you like making photo books for your party pictures, the very first snap shots of your offspring or the craziest memories of last year's birthday party? If all this is part of your life, tesa® Photo Corners are simply a must-have for you.

Self adhesive photo mounts: The unobtrusive way to stick photos

tesa® Photo Corners are made of a transparent film that is already folded in a way to fit around the edge of a photographic print. It features a self-adhesive backing that makes it easy for you to stick your pictures in an album. So forget about your glue stick and don't mess around with fluid glue. Go ahead and fasten your memories the easy way.

Adhesives for photos in an easy to use dispenser

tesa® Photo Corners come in a practical dispenser that contains a roll with 250 or even 500 photo corners. It is designed to provide you with one photo corner at a time that you can easily position over the corner of your print. For easy application the dispenser automatically separates the self-adhesive corner from the protective cover so it's easy for you to directly stick it into your album.

Solid attachment and easy removal of photos

You want your photo corners to hold your precious pictures permanently. But maybe one day your change your mind and decide to give up an album, rearrange your pictures or give individual prints away. This is the moment you will appreciate that tesa® Photo Corners not only offer durable adhesion, but also give you the option to remove them anytime.