Wire Writing Decoration

This cute hand-written style wall decoration can say anything you like. A sweet addition to your child’s room, it’s simple to make and you won’t need any tools, either.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

Video tutorial

Create your own wire writing wall decoration!

Wire writing wall decoration

We need:

3mm thick aluminium coated wire in red 3.5m scissors lettering template print-outs transparent tape adhesive hooks

How it's done:

Overview of materials needed for a wire writing wall decoration

We need: 3mm thick aluminium coated wire in red 3.5m, scissors, lettering template print-outs, transparent tapetesa® adhesive hook for transparent & glass 1kg

Using transparent tape to create your template for a wire writing sign

Use transparent tape to join together the print-outs to make a template of the whole sign.

Using the template and wire to create a wire writing sign.

Using the template and the wire, bend the shape of the writing sign into the shape of the word. As each section is formed, fix it to the template using transparent tape to hold it in place. This will make things easier. Make the word sturdier by twisting the wire together at intersections. Use your scissors to trim off any excess wire at the ends.

Hanging the completed wire writing using adhesive hooks

When the design is complete, perfect the shapes and get rid of any kinks. Now you’re ready to hang the wire writing using an almost invisible wall mounting solution - tesa® adhesive hook for transparent & glass 1kg.

Enjoy your DIY wire writing decoration!

Get creative with this cute, unusual wall decoration for your child’s room. It’s much easier than you think to make and wall-mount this unusual piece of home-made art.

tesa products required for this project