Table runner

Table runner

This fabric runner with a delicate leaf pattern should take center stage on any table. What's more, it is easier than you would think to make, so both novice and experienced hobbyists will enjoy making it.

  • Packing paper as an underlay
  • Table runner
  • Pressed leaves
  • White fabric spray
  • tesa® permanent spray glue


How we do it:


Packing paper as an underlay, table runner, pressed leaves, white fabric spray, tesa® Permanent spray glue

tesa SE
Overview of Materials


Spray one side of each leaf with tesa® Permanent spray glue.

tesa SE
Spray one side of each leaf with spray glue.


Stick them to the runner in various positions to form an attractive pattern.

tesa SE
Fixing leaves to runner.


Now spray the fabric paint around the leaves.

tesa SE
Spraying the fabric paint around the leaves.


Remove the leaves immediately and let the runner dry out completely.

tesa SE
Removing the leaves. Then, drying phase.


Enjoy your lovely table runner with fall motives!

Enjoy your DIY table runner!

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