DIY Paper flowers

DIY Paper flowers

Flower power through power flowers: These homemade flowers will bring color to your home. An inexpensive and decorative alternative during the flowerless winter season!

  • Yellow, green and multi-colored crepe paper
  • scissors, pencil, 30 cm of wire (ø 0.8 mm)
  • sturdy paper for the stencils
  • stencil template for flowers
  • leaves and circle 
  • tesa® Double-Sided Tape
  • multipurpose glue 


DIY Paper Flower / Step 1: Cut Stencils


Cut stencils from the sturdy paper using the templates. Draw the blossoms on the crepe paper using the stencils and then cut out the shapes. 3 flowers in two different colors, 1 leaf, 1 circle, 1 very narrow strip of yellow crepe and 1 5/8" (1.5-cm) wide strip of green crepe.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 2: Roll the Petals


Roll the petals to the center using the pencil.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 3: Glue it


Glue all three flowers together in the middle.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 4: Join 4 wires


Join four wires. To do so, wind a piece of wire around the other three, leaving 3/8" (1 cm) unwound at the upper end.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 5: Poke a hole


Poke a small hole in the center of the flower and thread the wire through it, bending the four single wires 3/8" (1 cm) apart at the top of the flower.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 6: Glue them all


Poke a small hole in the middle of the leaf and place it over the wire from below. Then glue it beneath the flower using the Multi-Purpose Glue.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 7: Make small cuts


Make small cuts around the circumference of the circle, leaving 3/8" (1 cm) at the center. Bend the ends slightly upwards. Crumple up the yellow strip tightly and glue it to the center of the circle. Let the crumpled strip dry for a while and then glue it to the center of the flower. Allow it to dry well.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 8: Affix


Affix the Double-Sided Tape to the green Strip.

DIY Paper Flower / Step 9: Ending


Peel off the backing paper and wrap the strip around the wire from top to bottom. Press firmly. Depending on the desired length of the flower, apply another strip or cut off the wire.

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