Magazine Roll-up Star

What to do with old magazines? Sure, you could throw them away. Or you could use them for recycled magazine art: With a bit of patience, we've created a Christmas star decoration of a different kind.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 780

We need:

Several magazines cutter scissors wooden skewer cardboard compass paper wire tesa® Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster 2kg tesa® Glue Roller Permanent ecoLogo® tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g

Time: approx. 3 hours + 10 hours drying time

This Is How We Do It:


For this DIY paper star, we need:
Several magazines, cutter, scissors, wooden skewer, cardboard, compass, paper wire, tesa® Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster 2kg, tesa® Glue Roller Permanent ecoLogo®, tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g


Magazine roll-up crafts are easy and fun. Using a cutter, take out approx. 120 pages from the magazines and cut off the white edges on the outer long sides. Tightly roll one side diagonally around the wooden skewer. Piece by piece, pull the wooden skewer out of the resulting paper roll, keeping it always visible.


Apply glue to the last triangular piece of the page using the glue roller. Roll up the rest and press firmly. Pull out the wooden skewer and cut the lower end of the roll straight using your scissors. Make approx. 120 rolls.


Use the compass to draw 2 circles (10 and 28 cm in diameter) and cut them out using the cutter.

Make a loop from the paper wire and attach it to the cardboard ring.


Attach 8 rolls evenly to the ring, using the all-purpose glue: The tips of the rolls point outwards.


Now coat the empty spaces between rolls thick with all-purpose glue and fill them with rolls until the entire surface is covered.

Allow to dry for several hours.


Coat the area where the rolls are placed close to each other thick with all-purpose glue and attach a second layer of rolls onto the gaps. Again, allow to dry for several hours.


Mount the adhesive nail according to instructions and hang the finished wreath on the wire.

tesa products required for this project