Make a place for herbs in your kitchen

Kitchen Herb Racks

There’s nothing quite like fresh herbs in your cooking. Keep your herb plants right where you need them with these wall-mounted herb racks – then get ready to impress your family and friends with some bold new flavors! Putting up these neat little herb racks couldn’t be simpler. There’s no need to get the drill out, so you won’t need to worry about damaging your tiles, either. It takes next to no time to create this sweet vertical indoor herb garden.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 10

We need:

strips of wood 50cm X 14cm X 1.5cm – as many as you like red woven 4cm straps 1.6m per shelf a 14mm hollow punch 14mm metal eyelets a hammer a lighter scissors cutting mat tesa® adhesive nail tiles & metal 3kg – two per rack

How it's done:

Overview of materials needed for DIY kitchen herb racks

We need: strips of wood 50cm X 14cm X 1.5cm – as many as you like, red woven 4cm straps 1.6m per shelf, a 14mm hollow punch 14mm metal eyelets, a hammer, a lighter, scissors, cutting mat, tesa® adhesive nail tiles & metal 3kg – two per rack

Sealing the ends of the straps to prevent fraying when making wall mounted herb racks.

Cut each length in half so that you have two 80cm lengths per shelf. Use the lighter to lightly scorch and seal the ends – this will prevent them from fraying.

Punching holes in the straps to make wall mounted herb racks.

Now carefully use the hollow punch to punch out holes in the middle of each end of the strap, 1.5cm from the far edges.

Using metal eyelets when making wall mounted herb racks.

Following the manufacturers instructions, use the hammer to seal the eyelets into the holes. Make sure that both parts of the eyelet, and the hole are perfectly aligned for a great result.

Hanging wall mounted herb racks using two tesa® adhesive nail tiles & metal 3kg

Following the instructions in the pack, apply two tesa® adhesive nail tiles & metal 3kg per shelf to your tiles. Finally, suspend the herb racks in the straps and hang onto the adhesive nails to the wall.

Enjoy your new vertical herb garden!

Enjoy the new home for your herbs!

tesa products required for this project