Four seasons window decoration

Don’t wait for a holiday to get creative with a window decoration. This unique and customisable project is a decorative treat that will make you smile all year long.

Level of difficulty : Original & quick

What’s the weather like today? You can change this colourful display to reflect the time of year, season, weather...or even your mood! Tesa Powerstrips® mean the felt pieces come off without a trace! Have lots of fun creating a window decoration that can be different every day of the year.

How we do it:


Begin by using a little surgical spirit to give the window a really good clean. You’re now ready to attach firstly tesa Powerstrips® Transparent Large, and then tesa Powerstrips® Transparent Hooks Large, following the instructions carefully.

tesa SE
DIY 4 Seasons Window Decoration Step 1: Overview


The hooks are so great because they’re almost completely invisible, so now it’s time to add your very own weather. Cut out shapes from your felt. These can be anything you like from the TV weather map and more, but clouds make a great start. Choose white or grey, and string them onto the invisible cord before hanging between the hooks like a garland. This will give a floaty effect.

tesa SE
DIY 4 Seasons Window Decoration Step 2: Hooks


It’s time to get really creative. Add whatever you like to your weather scene. Think flowers, butterflies, a sun, leaves, rain, snow...there are no limits! Fix your shapes directly to the window using tesa Powerstrips® Strips Transparent LARGE. Remove one side of the backing paper and press the tesa Powerstrips® firmly onto the felt decoration. Leave a tab at the edge to make removal easier. Take off the protective film, and press the felt decoration onto the window. Done!

tesa SE
DIY 4 Seasons Window Decoration Step 3: Weather


One thing is certain, you’ll never get bored of your beautiful window. Use your felt to make a stock of lots of different shapes that you can use to make a different picture each week. Your weather window can change as often as you like. You can go with the seasons, or make up your own! Who says you can’t have a sun and flowers in the middle of the winter?

tesa SE
DIY 4 Seasons Window Decoration Step 4: Changes


Your weather window can evolve as the year goes by. Using your clouds as a background, your window can depict the weather today, or be a seasonal picture that changes constantly. You can have a different picture for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Why not add felt bunting to celebrate family birthdays? Have fun!

tesa SE
DIY 4 Seasons Window Decoration Step 5: Diversity

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