DIY Framed Memo Board

DIY Framed Memo Board

This framed memo board doesn’t take long to make and it means you won’t ever lose a note or recipe again. The finished article will look great in your kitchen. What’s more, you won’t need to get the tool-box out, even when it’s time to hang it on the wall.

Level of difficulty : For ambitious hands

  • a picture frame with a white mount – the picture area should be 50cm X 70cm
  • a piece of white card 50cm X 70cm
  • thin card sheets in blue and grey shades
  • craft scalpel, ruler, pencil, cutting mat
  • a set square
  • schematic drawing triangle
  • transparent tape
  • adhesive roller
  • adhesive nails


Overview of materials needed for a DIY framed memo board


We need: thin card sheets in blue and grey shades, craft scalpel, ruler, pencil, cutting mat, a set square, schematic drawing triangle, transparent tapeadhesive roller, tesa® adhesive nail for tiles & metal 4kg x2

tesa SE
Drawing card triangles when creating a framed memo board


Use the ruler and drawing triangle to draw out your triangle shapes on the different sized sheets of card. They should all be the same size and shape.

tesa SE
Cutting card triangles when creating a framed memo board


Use the craft scalpel to carefully cut out the triangles on the cutting mat.

tesa SE
Laying a pattern to create a framed memo board


Arrange the triangles in a pattern on the picture area of the frame. Apply glue with the adhesive roller to the backs of the triangle.

tesa SE
Applying glue with the adhesive roller


Now apply the triangles to the picture area of the frame. Press them on firmly.

tesa SE
Making a framed memo board using transparent tape


Using some small pieces of transparent tape, fix the finished design to the mount to prevent it from slipping down inside the frame. Put the mount and design into the frame and secure the back in place.

tesa SE
Hanging a framed memo board using tesa® Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal


Following the instructions inside the pack, apply the tesa® adhesive nail for tiles & metal to the wall. Now you’re ready to hang your new framed memo board! Notes can be fixed on using double-sided adhesive pads for transparent & glass and a crayon or white wipeable marker can be used to jot down to-dos or messages.

Enjoy your framed graphic memo board!


This graphic memo board is the perfect place to keep recipes, shopping lists and notes tidy in your kitchen. The design is simple to do but the finished board looks like you bought it in a chic interiors store! 

DIY Framed Memo Board

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