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As a company in the chemical industry, we are aware of our responsibility toward people and the environment. Careful use of natural resources and raw materials is our stated goal as a company. Our aim in making these efforts is to leave an intact environment for subsequent generations while at the same time safeguarding the basis of our business success.

Environmental Protection: A Proven Concept

Environmental protection has been a key element of our corporate responsibility activities for years, and our environmental guidelines firmly establish it throughout the Group. Environmental management systems are the key point of departure. We use these systems at all sites that have significant impacts on the environment. The tesa environmental program was put in place in 2001. It sets Group-wide targets for us to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

Our Environmental Guidelines

  1. Our product and system solutions are designed to impact the environment as little as possible during their manufacture, use, and disposal.
  2. tesa pursues environmental protection on its own initiative and responsibility, and implements the necessary measures.
  3. We undertake to comply with legal regulations and other requirements.
  4. tesa continually improves its environmental management system and environmental protection technologies worldwide in cooperation with authorities, research institutions, and associations.
  5. We use limited resources such as energy, water, and raw materials economically. In the context of our waste management system avoiding and reducing, reusing, material recycling and energy recovery of waste takes priority over its disposal. The design of products and production processes is based on this principle.
  6. In order to protect air, soil, and water, and to conserve natural ecosystems and biological diversity, tesa takes measures on its own initiative to prevent conceivable accidents.
  7. tesa pursues an open information policy towards employees, authorities, neighbors, institutions, customers, and suppliers.

Our Concept: Boost Efficiency - Reduce Emissions

We save energy wherever possible: Seven production sites and the Group headquarters now have environmental management systems certified under ISO 14001. The Group headquarters and the sites with the highest CO2 emissions (Hamburg and Offenburg) have not only an environmental management system, but also a certified energy management system pursuant to ISO 50001. Introducing the energy management systems paved the way for further increases in the energy efficiency of the systems and equipment in use there. We strive to offset possible increases in CO2 emissions as a result of production activities with these kinds of efficiency gains. Further strategic approaches include efficient generation of our own energy through cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) and obtaining electricity from renewable sources.

We regularly monitor our energy requirements and consumption
We regularly monitor our energy requirements and consumption

Our Energy Guidelines

  1. We attach great importance to the sustainable handling of energy and energy efficiency.
  2. We undertake to comply with legal regulations and requirements regarding energy use and energy consumption and are furthermore committed to continuous improvement of operational energy management and energy efficiency.
  3. We undertake to make allowance for energy efficiency as a major basis for our decisions when selecting new machines or installations and in the technical equipment of buildings.
  4. We regularly monitor our energy requirements and consumption. At the same time, we undertake to identify and evaluate energy saving potential and implement the measures deduced with appropriate resources.
  5. We actively involve our employees in energy management, inform them regularly of our activities and provide them with further education in the context of training measures.
  6. We involve contractual partners and third party companies that will be working for us in our energy management.

Efficient Use of Resources
We aim to offer our customers products that have as little environmental impact as possible over their entire lifecycle. To accomplish this, we develop ecofriendly, solvent-free production methods, use renewable and recycled raw materials where possible, conserve resources, and prevent production waste. We take care to ensure resource efficiency from the early stages of developing our products and the methods used to produce them. Measures to this end are an integral part of our environmental protection activities as a company. We also regularly raise awareness among our employees regarding the subjects of reducing and sorting waste.

Solvent-free production of acrylic tapes
Solvent-free production of acrylic tapes

Less Is More: Fewer Solvents
Since launching the first large-scale facility for solvent free coating at tesa’s Offenburg plant (2002), we have continued to rigorously develop this patented tesa technology. Our factories in Offenburg and Italy, among others, have operated largely without the use of solvents for several years.

The facility for environmentally friendly production of double-sided acrylate adhesive tape at the tesa plant in Hamburg is the only one of its kind in the world and provides an exemplary case: With ACX technology, solvents are used only in the first process step and are immediately extracted in the subsequent drying process and put back into circulation. This is a patented process developed at tesa and it provides the following environmentally relevant reductions in comparison to conventional methods:

  • Use of organic solvents: circa -55%
  • Disposal of organic solvents: circa -89%
  • Process water requirements: circa -100%
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tesa is running its own waste reduction program
tesa is running its own waste reduction program

Comprehensive Management of Waste and Raw Materials​
Our waste and raw materials management activities are geared toward using materials efficiently and recycling wherever possible. There is no way to eliminate all waste when producing goods, but we are constantly at work on minimizing production-related losses of the raw materials we use when producing adhesives, coating tapes, and cutting rolls.
We have already made significant improvements in many areas. Within the scope of the tesa environmental program, for example, we were able to reduce emissions of volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) by 91 percent between 2001and 2015, and solvent use was down 41 percent in the same period. The volume of non-recyclable waste has also decreased by 77 percent, and the recycling rate was over 90 percent in 2017.

Our goal is to reduce the specific volume of waste per ton of end products by a further two percentage points by 2020 compared with the reference year, 2015

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