Smart Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Smart Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Narrow, small, and often windowless – In many homes, the bathroom represents a problem area. With a bit of craft and skill, even small bathrooms can be furnished with style – and without drilling.


Mini bathrooms are quite common, especially in old buildings. If you wish to redesign a small bathroom or a guest toilet, don’t despair. With some planning and the proper accessories, even the smallest washroom can be transformed into a functional and visually pleasing designer bathroom



Are included in the complete range of self-adhesive bathroom accessories at tesa.

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What’s important in mini bathrooms?

Decorative – yet space-saving – storage and mounting solutions make your mini spa area look bigger and more inviting. And if large tiled surfaces (where you cannot or don’t want to drill) take up too much space, self-adhesive bathroom accessories open up new design possibilities.

Mounting without drilling

Thanks to an innovative and patented mounting system, a strong hold is possible even without drilling. Soap dispensers, towel rails or shower baskets can be easily installed without clatter and irksome dirt. The walls and surfaces are not damaged, and the bathroom accessories can be removed without leaving any traces.

Soap dispensers, towel rails or spare roll holders: Bathroom accessories add a personal touch and plenty of practical extra features.

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Which surfaces are suitable?

Almost all solid or stable as well as rough surfaces are suitable. Particularly for high-quality materials – such as stone, ceramic (tiles), glass, concrete, metal, wood, and many plastics – self-adhesive bathroom accessories are simply perfect. On the other side, loose plaster, wallpaper, and textile surfaces (for example, carpet) are rather unsuitable for this mounting method due to their lack of strength and carrying capacity.

"Especially if you live in a rented home, drilling into tiles could be a problem. The self-adhesive bathroom accessories offer a clever alternative."
Alexandra Beck-Berge

"Living" expert

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