Hole Covering Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Weight Reduction


Our products provide Solutions for car weight reduction that meet legal emission requirements

Lightweight Construction is Vital for Meeting Statutory Requirements

Since the 1990s, automotive production has shifted from a product-oriented to a customer-oriented approach. Several new automotive vehicle parts have been integrated to increase quality, comfort and security. But the increase in customer satisfaction resulted in a rapid automotive weight gain. The average vehicle weight increased by approximately 50 percent.

Today, the European Union’s strict statutory requirements put pressure on automotive OEMs to reduce CO₂ emissions. Under the threat of heavy fines, manufacturers need to reduce CO₂ emission from 130 g/km to 95 g/km by 2020. New vehicles are being put on a strict diet to reduce fuel consumption. A 10 kilogram weight reduction is estimated to save 1 gram of CO₂ per kilometer. As every gram of weight reduction counts, automotive manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the weight of vehicle parts without sacrificing today’s quality standards.

Our Product Range Helps You Realize the Maximum Reduction Potential

We offer a comprehensive adhesive product assortment to support OEMs and tiers in meeting weight reduction requirements. Our hole covering tapes are lightweight sealing solutions designed to substitute conventional rubber and plastic plugs or butyl patches. Weight can be reduced by 85% through such a substitution, based on covering an average of 72 interior and exterior holes per vehicle. The products provide maximum flexibility for uneven surfaces, excellent puncture resistance against mechanical impacts, and seal reliably against humidity and dirt.

Laser-engraved self-adhesive films can replace traditional metal tags for vehicle identification. The material can withstand thermal, chemical and physical influences, and data is permanently engraved in the surface. Compared to metal tags, weight savings of as much as 95 percent are possible.

PET fleece and cloth backings are proven solutions for harness coverings in the engine compartment and car interior. Our backings offer flexibility, temperature resistance, abrasion protection and noise damping properties. Wire harness diameters are increasing in size due to the growing amount of electric components in cars. To counteract this trend and the associated increase in weight, our cloth tapes provide component weight savings of as much as 10 percent compared to traditional harness coverings like convoluted tubing. Adhesive tapes with aggressive acrylic adhesive can be used in lieu of hot melt. These tapes enable the secure attachment of cables and small harnesses throughout the vehicle body. Anti-squeak and anti-rattle properties prevent unwanted noises for the entire vehicle lifetime. Weight savings can average 73 to 87 percent depending on adhesive tape solution.

Manufacturers need to substitute conventional material like steel with lighter material like aluminum, advanced plastics, carbon fiber, or composite material. As many materials cannot be joined with mechanical fasteners or welding, structural adhesives are used to join plastics or composites to metal and prevent galvanic corrosion. Load distribution over a larger area ensures increased material stiffness and impact resistance. The joining technology and material substitution lead to component weight reductions of over 50 percent. Apart from the reliable bonding of different material and uneven surfaces, structural adhesives offer additional benefits like noise and rattle suppression or corrosion protection.