New flame-retardant adhesive tapes made by tesa

Self-extinguishing and halogen-free: tesa® flameXtinct improves fire protection in the transport industry and in passenger traffic  

Norderstedt – tesa, the international manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, is launching an assortment of flame-retardant adhesive tapes. The new tape tesa® flameXtinct, which is already used successfully in the construction industry, is now also employed in the transport industry and in passenger transport. The special features: In the event of a fire, these new adhesive tapes self-extinguish after a short time, and they are completely halogen-free.

Passive fire protection for the transport sector and passenger traffic

To guarantee public health and property protection, fire protection regulations are of particular importance in many sectors, including aviation, rail transport, shipping, and logistics. These regulations set precise standards for manufacturing processes and all integrated materials, such as adhesive tapes, used in sophisticated assembly applications of various components. The use of flame retardants is an essential part of the fire safety standard because they may delay or reduce the spread of fire.

Thus, the tesa® flameXtinct assortment was developed including targeted fire protection properties. The tapes meet all current requirements according to UL94 & FMVSS 302; they self-extinguish after a short time and are halogen-free. Therefore, in the event of a fire, less toxic smoke is produced, which is the main source of health hazards in fires. Also, by not using halogenated flame retardants, tesa is fully in line with international guidelines that are increasingly limiting the use of flame retardants containing bromine or chlorine.

A variety of tesa® flameXtinct products are available

tesa® flameXtinct is currently available as fleece and film carrier, PE foam adhesive tape or as an acrylate core adhesive tape in various thicknesses. The assortment is ideal for mounting lightweight elements or permanently bonding components such as mirrors or strips. With its flame-retardant properties, tesa® flameXtinct is a safe solution for a great variety of sectors and industries where fire protection plays an important role.

"Our goal was to bring a strongly adhesive, flame-retardant and halogen-free adhesive tape onto the market that may be used across all industries. During the development process, we soon realized that tesa® flameXtinct is an innovative solution for significantly improving fire protection, especially for applications in aviation, on ships, in commercial and special vehicles or in rail transport. The products were extensively tested by our development team and comply with all important regulations. The feedback from our first customer talks is consistently positive. We are confident that on the market the assortment will catch on," says Andreas Walkembach, Head of Industrial Trade & Converting Europe at tesa.

Breakthrough via an interdisciplinary development process

The global launch of the assortment was preceded by intensive development work. Teams from different areas worked together at tesa in an agile project and evaluated approximately 150 adhesive recipes, one of which proved to be the most effective. Today, the portfolio includes seven adhesive tapes in different thicknesses and structures in proven tesa quality, modified to feature the new, flame-retardant properties. The assortment will soon be expanded. "We are currently working on adding further innovative products to the tesa® flameXtinct series. The feedback from our partners and customers is particularly important to us in order to further develop the tesa® flameXtinct assortment together with them and make it even better," adds Walkembach.

tesa® flameXtinct in brief:

  • Certified according to UL 94 & FMVSS 302
  • Halogen-free (REACH and ROHS compliance guaranteed)
  • Available as fleece and foil backing, PE foam adhesive tape or as acrylic core adhesive tape
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Elevated adaptation and damping properties

About tesa SE

As a multinational company, tesa develops innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions for various industries, commercial customers, and end consumers. The age of technical adhesive tapes began 125 years ago, currently, there are already more than 7000 tesa adhesive solutions that help improve the work, products or lives of our customers. Today, the focus is on sustainability and energy-saving processes. tesa invests in the development of environmentally friendly products and solvent-free manufacture processes as well as in the use of renewable energy sources at its locations.

tesa is present in 100 countries and operates plants in Germany, Italy, China, the USA, and soon also in Vietnam. Around three quarters of the tesa Group's sales (2020: EUR 1,326 million) are generated by applications for industries. Together with its international clients, tesa develops innovations that are customized at product and process level. Already more than 130 tesa tapes may be installed in an electric car and over 70 in a smartphone. In the printing and construction industries, too, tesa is constantly penetrating new segments and countries with its special adhesive tapes. The company generates almost one quarter of its sales with products for end consumers and professional craftsmen. 300 applications, such as the legendary tesafilm®, make life easier or, when it comes to insect protection, even make it a bit more pleasant. tesa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive solutions. Since 2001, tesa SE is an independent 100% affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (i.e., NIVEA, Eucerin, la prairie) with around 4,800 employees today. 

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