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Permanent Surface Protection

Permanently protect heavily coated and painted surfaces. With tesa® 54994 and tesa® 51207, we offer two specialized films that are perfect for high abrasion areas in the railway sector.

Jun 29, 2018

tesa® 54994: Excellent Durability

tesa® 54994 paint protection film provides permanent protection against mechanical and chemical stresses, environmental influences, and corrosion. At the same time, it is extremely robust and guards surfaces against abrasion, shock, and harmful UVs.

Thanks to its excellent plasticity, it is suitable for use on curved and three-dimensional surfaces. In this context, the resilient adhesive compound adheres to painted surfaces as well as other substrates. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and has transparent characteristics that help the surfaces to which it is applied retain their appearance.

This product has numerous potential applications. For example, it protects against damage from stones that strike the outside of the vehicle, but it can also be used in luggage rack areas or in the areas near the doors of the train that are often subject to high levels of wear and tear due to passengers entering and exiting. Applying the adhesive film is easy thanks to stamped parts and dispenser aids that are customized specifically for the customer.

tesa® 51207: Surface Protection with Compensating Properties

We developed tesa® 51207 adhesive film to prevent wear and squeaking noises in high friction areas of the train. With its special sliding properties the film protects surfaces that are subject to significant abrasion. This unique “self-lubricating adhesive tape” minimizes friction and thus prevents wear and tear.

The thin, UV-stable PE-UHMW film with powerful adhesive properties is also highly transparent. This makes it suitable for visible surfaces in both interior and exterior areas. The combination of flexibility and self-lubricating properties extends this product’s areas of application to include complex shapes, such as lining cable ducts for noise reduction and covering sharp-edged metal components.

To learn more about how these unique products can protect critical areas and extend the life of your application please contact your local sales representative.