Plate mounting tesa® Twinlock at Walki

Remarkable sustainability targets and plate mounting efficiency at Walki

At Walki in Jatne (Poland), ambitious sustainability targets and the use of tesa® Twinlock go hand in hand

Jul 8, 2021

Leading producer of multi-layer laminates and protective packaging materials

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'Walki' is a growing international group, founded over 90 years ago in Finland. It is organized in three business areas: Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging, and Engineered Materials, with operations in twelve different countries throughout Europe and Asia. 
Walki’s product solutions are designed to bring value to customers in many different markets; from sustainable materials for packaging applications to energy saving performance materials. 
To best cater to customers worldwide, Walki continuously invests in state-of-the-art production facilities and drives the tradition of innovation and exceptional service.
Future environmental conservation and sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution and carbon emission .
At Walki, we believe in a sustainable and circular tomorrow. We want to be the recognized leader in sustainable packaging and engineered material solutions. That is a vision we work towards relentlessly every day, together with our customers.

In consumer and industrial packaging applications, paper is often used as the main component.
Walki’s speciality is adding barriers to the paper to protect the goods inside the package. For an appealing packaging appearance, Walki also has a long tradition in flexographic printing and operates over 10 flexo printing presses providing superior print quality.
Most recently, Walki has invested in a new high-speed, 10-color flexographic printing machine in its Jatne plant in Poland.

State-of-the-art flexo printing at Walki
State-of-the-art flexo printing at Walki

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tesa® Twinlock Consultations
tesa® Twinlock Consultations

Speaking of flexo printing, that is where tesa® Twinlock, our self-adhesive flexo sleeve, came into play.
At first one set of sleeves was bought, and after one year of testing, 100 sleeves followed.
The main drivers to check out tesa® Twinlock were the reduction of plate mounting tape and the corresponding waste prevention, as well as the idea of improving the efficiency of the mounting process.

Read the full story of tesa® Twinlock @ Walki in our interview:


"As the orders are becoming shorter every year we had to find a mounting technology that will allow us keeping the right efficiency on the printing presses. Printing plates mounting and demounting with tesa® Twinlock is 50 % shorter than traditional tape mounting / demounting as there is no tape in the process. The tesa® Twinlock technology with its effectiveness allows us to be more flexible with our production plan. Today we can react much faster on changing needs of our customers.
tesa® Twinlock sleeves ensure very good plate adhesion during printing, even at high print speeds. In the beginning we were afraid of  possible damages to the sleeves, but we saw that by following some simple rules we can avoid it. We don’t have to treat the sleeves in a very special way."

Mounting Plate Twinlock
Mounting Plate Twinlock


"When it comes to sustainability, there are three main types of solutions Walki is working with: products that are easy to recycle, compostable and/or biodegradable products, as well as products that are based on renewable resources and thus lowering the CO2 footprint. The right solution or combination of solutions is decided based on customers and end-customers needs. At the same time one needs to have sufficient barrier properties to protect the goods inside the packaging. Many customers are also interested in sustainable printing processes, for example using water-based inks instead of solvents."

Walki zero waste future
Walki zero waste future

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"At Walki, we believe in a sustainable and circular tomorrow. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition into a zero waste future in packaging and promote the use of energy efficient materials across industries. In addition to developing sustainable solutions for our customers, Walki has initiated an internal continuous improvement program concentrating on reducing waste from its operations and improving production efficiency – more with less. We are also, for example, using environmental friendly water-based inks in all our printing operations and invested in new state of the art printing technology."


"This is becoming more and more important as the average order sizes are getting smaller and the number of change-overs is increasing. Without modern printing machines, optimised processes, and innovative solutions - like tesa® Twinlock - this would lead to increased waste volumes and unfavourable developments when it comes to sustainability."

Twinlock Waste Reduction Infographic
Twinlock Waste Reduction Infographic


"With tesa® Twinlock we have exchanged the standard sleeves and tapes, and the cost has returned within 1 year from the purchase. Thanks to reducing the time of mounting process to 50 % we can keep printing press efficiency on a very good level. tesa® Twinlock sleeves work very well on high speeds. We don’t have problems any more with printing plate edge lifting during the printing process."

Key benefits tesa® Twinlock @ Walki

tesa_Icon_Waste Reduction
Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets
Saving all plate mounting tape waste and reducing CO2 emissions caused by frequent tape deliveries
Don’t worry, just PRINT
Secure plate adhesion, even at high speeds, no more plate lifting issues and stable print quality
tesa_Icon_Piggy Bank
Cost and time SAVINGS
Walki's investment in tesa® Twinlock sleeves paid back after 1 year (after that the pure cost savings start), they achieved 50 % time savings for plate mounting processes, and added flexibility in their production plans

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