tesa® 51345 reinforcement tape side hole handle carried

Paper-based packaging reinforcement

Introducing next gen reinforcement tape for enhanced strength and packaging recyclability

Jul 13, 2023

tesa® 51345 reinforcement tape flap handle carried

Lightweight and thinner flute packaging

There are several reasons behind the trend towards thinner flute in packaging:

  • Cost reduction: Production cost decrease since less raw material is used
  • More sustainability: Fewer resources are consumed and less waste is generated, lightweight packaging supports transport emission savings
  • Space optimization: Thinner material allows for more efficient use of warehouse storage space
  • Enhanced printability: The thinner flutes offer smoother surfaces, which enhances print quality - for better branding and visual appeal
  • Customization and flexibility: Thinner flute packaging can be easily folded, shaped, and molded into various forms - allowing for more innovative packaging solutions and better product presentation
Corrugator illustration reinforcement tape flap handle
While thinner flute packaging offers numerous benefits, it is important to strike a balance between reducing material thickness and maintaining sufficient strength and protection for the packaged goods. Packaging design and material selection should consider the specific requirements of the product being packaged to ensure adequate protection during handling, transportation, and storage.
That is where tape comes into play: Reinforcement tapes add strength to lightweight packaging.

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tesa® 51344 on stacked corrugated board

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