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tesa Powerstrips® Waterproof Hook Metal

The self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Hook Metal is a removable bathroom hook combining modern design with the strength to hold weights of up to 2 kg.

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Strong hold of up to 2 kg
  • Removable without a trace due to the Powerstrips® Waterproof technology

Order no:
Dimensions: 1 Hook + 2 Strips Waterproof Large

Main features

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Strong hold of up to 2 kg
  • Removable without a trace due to the Powerstrips® Waterproof technology
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Usable on tiles, glass, etc. in humid rooms or directly in the shower 1
  • Especially developed for wet areas (e.g. shower, bathtub etc.)
  • Hook reusable with tesa Powerstrips Waterproof
1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous material

Product description

This self-adhesive metal hook is an elegant bathroom storage solution in timeless stainless steel design. Use it to hang up your body care utensils directly in the shower or feel free to mount it directly next to the bathtub. Using Powerstrips Waterproof technology, it allows damage-free fixing and can hold weights of up to 2 kg. It easily attaches to glass, tiles and any other smooth surface 1 and can be removed anytime without leaving visible traces. With this hook you opt for an especially elegant solution to add comfort and convenience to your bathroom.
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Related applications

The self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Hook Metal was made for removable fixation and damage-free hanging in all areas where it will be directly exposed to water. This might be in the immediate vicinity of your bathtub or even inside your shower cabin. Use it for perfect bathroom organization – to hang up a shower wiper or to keep your personal hygiene utensils within easy reach. It can hold anything weighing up to 2 kg.

How to apply - step-by-step:

1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner
2. Take the included waterproof primer tissue and wipe over the surface for bonding preperation - wait for 10 seconds minimum
3. Apply the Powerstrip Waterproof Large strip on the surface - press for 5 seconds minimum
4. Disengage the base plate of the hook and stick it onto the strip - press for 5 seconds minimum
5. Let the hook slide down on the base plate until it is locked

Fixing without drilling and causing damage

To attach a self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Hook Metal to either glass, tiles or any other flat surface 1 is both fast and easy. You will neither need a power drill, nor a screwdriver or hammer. Simply prepare the contact surface of the wall by wiping it with the enclosed primer tissue. Stick the enclosed Powerstrip Waterproof onto the wall, press the base plate of the hook against it and let the hook itself slide into the base plate. This is the modern way of attaching a hook without drilling holes or damaging the wall.

Removable self adhesive shower hook

This stylish waterproof hook is not only easy to attach without puncturing the wall or damaging valuable tiles. It is also a removable hook that can be taken off the wall without leaving any visible traces. If you change your mind one day and do not need the hook anymore, simply pull off its Powerstrip Waterproof and it will come off the wall without any problems.

Reusable hanger

The tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Hook Metal features a modern stainless steel design and is therefore too valuable to be thrown away after you removed it. For this reason it is designed as a reusable hooks that can be mounted multiple times by simply using a pack of replacement tesa Powerstrips Waterproof.

1 Not suitable for the use on uneven surfaces, styrofoam, foamed or porous materials or surfaces with non-sticking coating.