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Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is useful for countless applications, but is most commonly used for work on theater stages, at concerts, trade fairs, and other events. The reason for its popularity in these areas is on the one hand gaffer tape’s high adhesive power and on the other hand its ease of use. Gaffer tape allows you, among other things, to fixate cables, seal up gaps, or to mark off areas.

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Many events are planned and implemented under huge time pressure. Whenever there’s a problem here or there, gaffer tape rather often comes to the rescue. Whether something has to be fixated on stage, the sound technician has to secure a sound setting, or small repairs are needed at an exhibition booth – our high-quality adhesive tapes will save the day.

Gaffer tapes are very robust and characteristically easy to tear off by hand. Our gaffer tapes obviously also have our superior adhesive quality and can be easily removed. Due to the described characteristics and endless options for application, gaffer tape is clearly a valuable everyday ally in private households and offices.