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Yardstick Stars

Yardstick Stars

Folding ruler stars: Yardsticks can do more than just measure. Folded into a star and festively decorated, they also do very well as a wooden star decoration on the wall!

  • White folding rulers
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • clothespins
  • wire
  • pine branches
  • cord
  • tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g
  • tesa® extra Power Perfect, 2.75m x 19mm
  • tesa® Powerstrips Transparent Deco Hooks Large

Time: 10 minutes per star + approx. 3 hours drying time

This Is How We Do It:


For this DIY Christmas Star we need:
White folding rulers, scissors, pencil, clothespins, wire, pine branches, cord, tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g, tesa® extra Power Perfect, 2.75m x 19mm, tesa® Powerstrips Transparent Deco Hooks Large.

Time: 10 minutes per star + approx. 3 hours drying time

Step 1


Bend the folding ruler into Christmas stars. Apply glue to one end.

Step 2


Glue together with the other end and fix with a clothespin. Allow to dry completely. For the big star, form 2 triangles, glue them together and then place them onto each other symmetrically. Mark the interfaces with a pencil, apply some glue and stick the triangles together. Allow to dry.

Step 3


For the tassels, bundle the pine needles, insert one end of the cord and wrap the bundle tightly with a piece of fabric tape.

Attach the tassels at the top of the star with the drawstring.

Step 4


Fix the deco hook on the wall according to the instructions on the packaging. Tie a piece of cord to the star and hang it on the wall.

Step 5
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