Yardstick Stars

Folding ruler stars: Yardsticks can do more than just measure. Folded into a star and festively decorated, they also do very well as a wooden star decoration on the wall!

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
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We need:

White folding rulers scissors pencil clothespins wire pine branches cord tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g tesa® extra Power Perfect, 2.75m x 19mm tesa® Powerstrips Transparent Deco Hooks Large

This Is How We Do It:


For this DIY Christmas Star we need:
White folding rulers, scissors, pencil, clothespins, wire, pine branches, cord, tesa® All-Purpose Glue, 90g, tesa® extra Power Perfect, 2.75m x 19mm, tesa® Powerstrips Transparent Deco Hooks Large.

Time: 10 minutes per star + approx. 3 hours drying time


Bend the folding ruler into Christmas stars. Apply glue to one end.


Glue together with the other end and fix with a clothespin. Allow to dry completely. For the big star, form 2 triangles, glue them together and then place them onto each other symmetrically. Mark the interfaces with a pencil, apply some glue and stick the triangles together. Allow to dry.


For the tassels, bundle the pine needles, insert one end of the cord and wrap the bundle tightly with a piece of fabric tape.

Attach the tassels at the top of the star with the drawstring.


Fix the deco hook on the wall according to the instructions on the packaging. Tie a piece of cord to the star and hang it on the wall.

tesa products required for this project