00_Memory Frame Stage

Memory Frame

Everyone deserves to feel at home. So showcase your favorite memories with this individual living room decoration. Crafted easily – and mounted without any tools.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 15

We need:

a frame without glass scissors cord cloth tape little clips or pegs to hang up the pictures pictures, cards, or memories like concert tickets etc. adhesive nail - depending on the surface and weight of the frame

How it's done:

01_Memory Frame

01Collect all items

Collect all items and let's start!

02_Memory Frame

02Sticking cord strings to the frame using tesa® cloth tape.

Turn your frame to the back. Cut some strings of your cord (the number depends on your frame and picture size, in our example we go with three). Stick them to your frame using tesa® cloth tape. 

03_Memory Frame

03Hanging up the pictures on the cord in your frame.

With the cord in its place, you can now clip on your pictures (or postcards, or memories, whatever you wish). Use one of the little clips for one picture each.

05_Memory Frame

05Overview of the memory picture frame.

Your memory frame is the perfect way to relive your most precious moments – and to brighten up your walls with a chic living room decoration. Because everyone deserves to feel at home!  

tesa products required for this project