Display Board for Christmas Cards

Display Board for Christmas Cards

Greetings from friends, messages from the Santa and a Christmas bough with silver-painted pine cones make this hand-crafted board into a festive work of art.

  • one piece of plywood 38 x 56 x 1 cm
  • sturdy paper for the stencil
  • star template
  • scissors, pencil
  • brush, small paint roller
  • white wall paint, gray chalkboard paint (or crafting paint)
  • sandpaper or sanding sponge
  • masking tape
  • adhesive pads
  • transparent hooks
  • ribbon, bough and pine cones for decoration


How it's done:


We need: one piece of plywood 38 x 56 x 1 cm, sturdy paper for the stencil, star template, scissors, pencil, brush, small paint roller, white wall paint, grey chalkboard paint (or crafting paint), sandpaper or sanding sponge, masking tape, adhesive pads, transparent hooks, ribbon, bough and cones for decoration.

tesa SE
Overview of materials needed for display board for Christmas cards


Cut out a stencil from the sturdy paper according to the template. Prime the wooden board with the white paint and use the stencil to trace the star approx. 3 cm from the edge.

tesa SE
Make the stencil


Tape along the contours of the star with masking tape. It's helpful to cut the ends of the tape diagonally and place them in the inner corners.

tesa SE
Cover the star with masking tape


Paint the star with chalkboard paint.

tesa SE
Paint the star


After drying, peel off the masking tape.

tesa SE
Remove the masking tape


For a vintage look, lightly sand the edges.

tesa SE
Lightly sand the edges


Apply the Powerstrip® on the middle top of the board.

tesa SE
Apply the Powerstrip®


Then attach the transparent hooks for the bough.

tesa SE
Attach the transparent hooks


Fasten the Christmas cards with adhesive pads.

tesa SE
Attach the Christmas cards


Decorate your living room with this hand-crafted board!

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Enjoy your display board for Christmas cards!


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