led christmas tree

Chain of lights Christmas tree

A Nordmann fir or a spruce? No, this year we're celebrating with a chain-of-lights tree. Advantage: You can make it yourself, it's muuuch more long lasting and looks just as festive.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

This is what we need:

Hula-hoop tire, diameter about 60 cm (toy store) Cutter with cutting-edge underlay White spray paint about 5 m of twine (package string) Scissors 3 LED light chains, each about 1.5 meters long MDF board about 120 x 80 cm (have sawn in the DIY store), painted white Paper stars Hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue tesa masking crepe Premium adhesive hook tesafilm transparent adhesive tape

And here's how it's done:

Step1: Cut hula whoop tire.

01Chain-of-lights tree: Step 1

To get started with this DIY hristmas tree project, we cut a hula-hoop tire into two halves.

Step 2: Cover hula ring with masking crepes

02Chain-of-lights tree: Step 2

Wrap one half of the tire with painters crepe to create the lower part of the tree.

Step3: Spray paint the hoop in white to create the snow look on the x-mas tree

03Chain-of-lights tree: Step 3

Spray this half white. Let dry.

Step 4

04Chain-of-lights tree: Step 4

String twine through the hula-hoop tire.

Step 5 of our DIY christmas tree project

05Chain-of-lights tree: Step 5

Press the tire together so that a nice half-circle takes shape. Now knot the two ends of the twine to keep the tire in this position.

Step 6: Attach a loop to hang up the christmas tree

06Chain-of-lights tree: Step 6

Knot 3 more pieces of twine in the middle and at the ends of the tire for hanging up. Leave the twine about 110 cm long. Bring all three pieces of twine together at the upper end and make a bow (to hang up on the hook).

Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7a

07Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7a

Mark the distance of the half-circle to the left and right on the wooden board and attach hook to the wooden board in accordance with the manufacturer information.

Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7b

08Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7b

Attach hook to the wooden board in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.

Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7c

09Chain-of-lights tree: Step 7c

Attach hook to the wooden board in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.

The final result of our creative diy christmas tree project. We hope you enjoyed this project and we wish you a merry christmas!

10Chain-of-lights tree: Step 8

Now wrap the hula-hoop structure with light chains and stick on paper stars. Form the trunk of the Christmas tree out of a light-chain and affix with tesafilm.

tesa products required for this project