DIY Backgammon

DIY Backgammon Board

When we're outside, the smartphone stays in the bag, and we play backgammon - on a DIY backgammon board with hand-painted tokens.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 20

What we need:

2 plywood boards: 24.5 x 38 cm x 4 mm, 2 wax cloths: 24.5 x 38 cm patterned papers: 1 with black ground, 1 with white ground ruler scissors pencil 30 round tokens made of natural wood Ø 28 mm acrylic paint in white and black brush black satin ribbon: 2 x 45 cm x 8 mm dices tesa® Handicraft Tape 2.75 m x 38 mm tesa extra Power® PERFECT black 2.75 m x 38 mm (fabric tape) tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo® tesa® Masking Tape Perfect 50 m x 19 m

How we do it:

DIY Backgammon Step 1

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Backgammon Step 2

Apply handicraft tape on one side around both wooden boards and peel off the protective films.

DIY Backgammon Step 3

Smoothly glue on the wax cloths.

DIY Backgammon Step 4

Border the short sides of the boards with fabric tape. Simply place the boards in the center of a previously cut piece of fabric tape …

DIY Backgammon Step 5

… and smooth it down on both sides of the edges. Cut off the remaining tape on the left and right sides.

DIY Backgammon Step 6

Now border one long side of each board, and insert a piece of satin ribbon in the center of the oil cloth side.

DIY Backgammon Step 7

Cut a narrow strip from the fabric tape, place the satin ribbon on the outside of the border and fix it with the fabric tape.

DIY Backgammon Step 8

Place the two wooden boards next to each other - along the non-bordered long sides, with the wooden side up - and apply a strip of fabric tape in the Center.

DIY Backgammon Step 9

Fold the board, and apply fabric tape in the center of the outer edge. Fold the exceeding tape over the sides.

DIY Backgammon Step 10

Cut 12 triangles - 3.5 cm wide and 15 cm high - from each of the patterned papers. Apply glue to the back side of each paper triangle …

DIY Backgammon Step 11

… and alternately apply 6 pieces on both sides of each wooden board.

DIY Backgammon Step 12

Mask off half of each wooden token with masking tape and color 15 tokens with white and 15 with black paint.

DIY Backgammon Step 13

After drying, remove the masking tape.

tesa products required for this project