For Employees and Society

Our Commitment to Society

For employees and the society

We support employees along our entire value chain and are committed to projects promoting the next generation of innovators.

Focus on employees

Our employees are tesa’s most valuable commodity when it comes to our long-term success. That’s why we are creating a work environment that promotes innovative ideas and which is shaped by respect, equality, and safety.

Focus on Employees
Our Goal Vision zero

Health and Safety

Employee safety is top priority at tesa, especially for our valued employees working in production. When it comes to safety, even one accident is one too many. That is why we are striving to reduce the number of work-related accidents to zero – a goal that has been embedded in our guiding principle VISIONZER[O]. Our accident incidence rate is currently significantly below the German sector average: For every million hours worked, tesa recorded 1.6 accidents that led to three or more days off work in 2019.


In addition to statutory regulations, our company-wide Occupational Safety Guidelines form the basis of our management system in the area of occupational safety. The guidelines implement concrete measures to reduce risks and increase safety in the workplace. One example is the “Safety Tour” app, which supports our production staff during their SOS inspections (SOS = Safety, Order, Sanitation).


We are also actively promoting the health and wellbeing of tesa’s workforce: Our company’s operational health management system includes offers for fitness and relaxation, a range of occupational medical check-ups, and options that support a healthy diet.


Promoting Employee Development

How can we attract and retain highly qualified employees amid the competition? For us, the sum of many individual measures is key: From offering tailored training programs and professional development options, to attractive development opportunities and a good work-life balance.


Our goal is to promote a corporate culture which strengthens performance, teamwork, cross-departmental cooperation, and internationalization. Some of our main priorities in this area are leadership development and career planning. The management development program aims to support team leaders and managers to further expand their skills and is one of the many tools we have implemented to promote employee development.


The skills which are particularly important to us are summarized in our nine Key Competencies. They form the basis of our work in the area of Human Resources and are applied to all of our HR tools. They play an important role, for example, in the Competencies Reviews. This development program gives talented people the opportunity to take part in career-related activities and exercises. They then receive individual feedback based on our Key Competencies. The aim is to determine each candidate’s strengths and potential and to support their career path within the company.


It is also important for us to give employees the chance to change departments within the company. The tesa X-perience model has been introduced exactly for this reason. It gives employees with a high level of product knowledge, for example, the chance to gain insight into how to deal with customers.


Furthermore, we offer comprehensive training and professional development opportunities that are specially designed to the company’s needs and cover a wide range of skills and target groups.

Fair Conditions and Equality

Our products often have a long journey before arriving at our customer’s doorstep. Our value chain spans several continents and is carried out by the many people who work for tesa, both directly and indirectly. We are responsible for all of them. That is why we are fully committed to fair working conditions and respecting human rights along our entire value chain. To ensure that this is always the case, we work in close collaboration with our partners and carry out supplier assessments.


The foundation of this work is our Code of Conduct and our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which contain key rules of conduct for our employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Our Strategy for the Future
NICHT AKTUELL Awards and Ratings

Testimony to Our Achievements in Sustainability

In 2020, the tesa group once again took part in the EcoVadis sustainability ratings and received a silver medal for our achievements in sustainability, thereby serving as a testimonial that we are above average in our industry. EcoVadis is a renowned rating platform for companies with global procurement chains. It analyzes and evaluates companies’ principles, actions, and results in the areas of environment, labor practices, human rights, ethics, and responsible procurement.

In the middle of 2020, we also launched a sustainability program for our suppliers. As part of the initial campaign, we invited 50 of our top suppliers to take part in the EcoVadis sustainability ratings and share their results with us. In the coming years, we would like to encourage more suppliers to participate: 


direct purchases

Our goal by 2025 is to have 80 percent of our direct purchases from suppliers who have taken part in sustainability ratings such as EcoVadis

Promoting the Next Generation of Innovative Minds

Albert Einstein already knew that “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” Instead, we need to have fresh ideas and young people who see their role as the problem-solvers of the future.


We want to support the next generation by giving them access to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and key technologies of the future. A topic that is particularly important to us is reducing inequalities and leveling the playing field. One of our key initiatives in this area supports training opportunities that encourage more women to take up STEM subjects.


Promoting the Next Generation of Innovative Minds

Natural Sciences & Technology Initiative (NAT).

One of the initiatives that tesa is involved in is NAT (Initiative für Naturwissenschaft und Technik gGmbH), which connects Hamburg and Norderstedt schools with universities, technical colleges, and technology-driven companies. NAT’s goal is to give adolescents a wide range of insight into various occupational fields. Some examples are the NAT initiatives mint:pink, a program aimed specifically at empowering girls, as well as mint.match, which connects high school graduates with dedicated natural scientists.

Committed Throughout the Crisis

Our social commitment also includes financially supporting charitable organizations. Since the start of the Corona crisis, tesa has donated to Doctors without Borders and Save the Children, among others. We have donated one million euros to Doctors without Borders, making it one of the largest single donations the organization has ever received. The money will go into the global Doctors without Borders COVID-19 crisis fund and will be used to provide fast, uncomplicated help where it is needed most.


Under the motto "Education connects. Together worldwide." Save the Children and tesa address the issue of increasing educational inequality. This hits socially disadvantaged children hard, especially in the pandemic. With a donation of one million euros, we support selected Save the Children projects in six countries - Vietnam, China, India, Mexico, Italy and Germany.

One of the main priorities for MSF is the safety of health workers, and that is why all the staff must follow strict protocols in terms of safety and security

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