Ukrainian families and children crossing the border into Romania to escape conflict.Save the Children Romania provided humanitarian assistance for 350 children, out of which 60 were in the refugee centres. The assistance was given at the following borde


Help for Ukrainian children: tesa donates to 'Save the Children' for their aid work in the country and along the borders

With a donation of 200,000 Euro, tesa decided to support 'Save the Children' in their efforts to help children and their families who are fleeing the war in Ukraine. tesa has been working closely with the international children's rights organization for two years. "The horrific news and images from the Ukraine trouble all of us," says CEO Dr. Norman Goldberg. "There is so little we can do at the moment, but at least we want to support the professional aid workers on site who help the children."  

'Save the Children' is working in Ukraine since 2014, providing humanitarian aid for children and their families. Their support includes psycho-social care as well as the distribution of winter packages with clothing and heating material, hygiene kits, and medicines in Ukraine as well as in many border regions. Families in Ukraine will also receive cash donations to cover basic needs, such as groceries, rent or medication.  

Thanks to the support of tesa, 'Save the Children' helps families get through the winter. The organization will also set up and operate mobile shelters as well as play areas. They allow 'Save the Children' to travel to decentralized communities to identify and provide psycho-social support to children in need who are particularly affected. 

'Save the Children' provides support for arriving refugee children and their mothers at the borders and in the reception centers, for example, in Romania and Poland. Employees and volunteers also cooperate with local partners, providing staple foods and offering social care. 

"It is of vital importance that all children now arriving to neighboring countries, including Romania, are protected and given access to life-saving food, clean water, shelter and psycho-social care," says Irina Saghoyan, Eastern Europe Director at 'Save the Children'.  

The motto is: "Education connects. Together worldwide." During the past two years, 'Save the Children' and tesa have addressed the issue of ever-growing educational inequality during the Covid-19 pandemic. Joint initiatives include charity projects in six countries on three continents. For this purpose, tesa has so far donated 1.5 million Euro from its aid program to the children's rights organization in order to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic.