New Year New Luck


Let the corks pop: 2020 is just around the corner! After the calm Christmas days it may glitter and sparkle again on New Year’s Eve.silvester


Therefore an uncomplicated DIY-decoration should be used. Because if we’ve sat around enough during the holidays, we’d rather spend our free time in the fresh air.

Glitter and glamour on the wall

Happy New Year! Here every guest knows immediately where the party takes place: at the well stocked house bar. The DIY garland above the bar shimmers in all colors thanks to holographic foil. Like the balloons, it is held by tesa Powerstrips® and can be removed without leaving a trace.

Hardly visible stop – If you want to attach light decorative items up to a weight of 1 kg, our transparent adhesive hooks are the ideal solution.

© tesa

"For me, New Year’s Eve is always the most glamorous holiday celebration. Guests are welcome to notice this at the DIY decoration."
Alexandra Beck-Berge

DIY expert tesa Corporate Communications

Well, who’s waiting for their big entrance? Mylo also got one of the homemade glitter hats and looks curiously at how the guests gather.

© tesa

New Year’s garland

The complete manual and many more ideas can be found here: