Happy New Year Garland

Happy New Year Garland

Make a wish – for a happy new year! The festoon above the bar shimmers in all colors thanks to holographic film. Just like the balloons, it is attached with Powerstrips® and can be removed without a trace.

  • holographic film
  • tracing paper
  • print-outs of the letters of "Happy New Year" (Helvetica bold, 450%)
  • cutting mat
  • cutter
  • puncher
  • ribbon
  • transparent hooks
  • transparent tape

How it's done:


We need: holographic film, tracing paper, print-outs of the letters of "Happy New Year" (Helvetica bold, 450%), cutting mat, cutter, puncher, ribbon, transparent hooks, transparent tape

tesa SE
Overview of materials needed for a Happy New Year garland


Fix the holography film on the cutting mat with transparent tape and arrange the single letters on it. Cut out the letters using a cutter.

tesa SE
Cut out the letters


Cut the tracing paper (18 x 12 cm, for the "W" 18 x 15 cm). Remove the protective film from the letters and glue them two centimeters from the bottom edge on the tracing paper.

tesa SE
Glue the letters on the tracing paper


Punch 2 holes in each letter (on top).

tesa SE
Punch 2 holes in each letter


Peel off the Powerstrips® and push them firmly for five seconds to the wall in the desired location.

tesa SE
Push the Powerstrips® to the wall


Remove the printed protective film.

tesa SE
Remove the printed protective film


Firmly press the hook at least 5 seconds on the strips, leaving out the handle.

tesa SE
Firmly press the hook to the wall


The perfect happy new year garland for your next party!

tesa SE
Enjoy your Happy New Year garland!

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