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Let the Sun in


The turn of the year is complete, the days are still short and the low temperatures have us firmly in their grip. Right now every ray of sunshine means a piece of well-being


How about a bit of vitamin D for the apartment to shorten our waiting time until spring? We have a good idea for you: our DIY sun mirrors.

Thanks to the sun mirror the room shines

The mirrors are not only absolutely trendy, they make every wall shine. Great effects can be achieved with a sun mirror. In small entrance areas, it is an eye-catcher when entering, but it also visually enlarges the dimensions of the room by reflecting it. As a soloist in the bedroom, it creates symmetry in the room above the headboard of a bed. 


© tesa

Die Aussichten sind heiter bis sonnig, wenn diese Spiegel an der Wand hängen. Jeder wirkt für sich allein, aber zusammen sehen sie noch schöner aus! Dabei heißt es: „Erlaubt ist, was gefällt“, denn die Papierstreifen lassen sich in den unterschiedlichsten Mustern rund um den Spiegel arrangieren.
Endless possibilities – Thanks to the uncomplicated method, you can let your imagination run wild with our DIY sun mirrors and simply try out which rays you like best.

© tesa

"To me the sun mirrors unfold their effect most beautifully when several are grouped together."
Alexandra Beck-Berge

DIY expert


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