Sunburst Wall Mirror

With these decorative wall mirrors, the sun will always shine in your home. Each pier glass mirror can also be used alone, but together they create an even more beautiful wall mirror design! Always remember: "Simply follow your creative bliss", because the paper strips can be arranged in a variety of patterns around the round wall mirror.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration

We Need:

small round mirrors (for example, ø 12.5 cm) scissors paper strips in gold 10 x 450 mm (pre-cut as quilling strips or self-cut using a cutter and a ruler) mirror mounting tesa Easy Cut® Smart Desk Dispenser & tesafilm® crystal clear tesa® Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster (1kg)

This Is How To Do It:


Collect all required items and let's start!


Pattern template (example): Cut 9 paper strips in half (18 x 22.5 cm). Peel off a piece of tesafilm® and glue the strips to the mirror as follows:


Fix one end of a strip on the mirror using tesafilm®, fashion a loop, and then stick the other end next to it. Continue like this until the circle closes.


Cut 9 strips (34 cm long) and glue them across every second loop. Attach the mirror mounting and hang it on the adhesive nail. The adhesive nail is mounted to the wall according to the instructions on the packaging.

tesa products required for this project