Manufacturing Operator

Location:  USA, Sparta MI

Function:  Production

Clicking on this posting is the smartest thing you've done in a long time!  Why?
  • tesa tape may be small and not well known, but that's because we rarely have job openings and our products aren't sold in stores. 
  • Only 3 hourly Production quit in all of 2020 and 1 has already come back.
Reasons people stay at tesa:
  • COVID safe.  We are dead serious about Safety.  We implemented more safety protocols than the CDC recommended, sooner. Only 2 positives to date were work related.
  • above average pay.   We pay new hires based on experience.  Starting pay for Operators is $14.00 - 17.50/hr. Employees with 5+ years experience average $22/hr There are 5 job levels to achieve in Production. 
  • quarterly bonus. The 2019 average was $550 and even in 2020 it was $450 per quarter. New employees are eligible from Day 1.
  • skill based pay.  Each time you learn a new machine, your pay rate increases by $.50 - .75/hour
  • voluntary OT.  We don't like the word "mandatory" for anything.  OT increases the quarterly bonus, so we don't need to require it. 
  • profit sharing 401k bonus.  tesa tape Corporate contributes 7% of gross annual earnings to eligible employees' 401k in addition to the 50% match up to 6%. That means if you put in 6%, tesa puts in another 10%.
  • excellent culture of respect and family.  You will never get yelled at or disrespected by a supervisor here and will actually be asked for your opinion by engineers and management.
  • benefits start within the first month.  Two BCBS medical plans, dental, vision, disability, life, and several more.
  • PTO and Sick time available after your first 3 months.  18 days combined per year.  Neither has to be used before the end of the year.
  • Sunday and Holiday OT are extremely rare.  Family time is important to us, too.
We are growing again, so we currently have 8 openings in Production across all 3 shifts.  Be sure to list your shift preferences in order in your application.

We will invite you to meet with us and see the Plant if you have:
  • stable work history.  It takes 3-6 months of training for each machine, so we hire people with a proven track record of reliability
  • manufacturing experience OR mechanical skills/ aptitude.  Our jobs are challenging and require active problem solving.  
  • computer skills.  Every Operator uses the SAP computer at each machine to run and collect data. We will teach you, but you need to be comfortable using a computer. 
  • positive, team-oriented attitude.  We have no tolerance for drama and insist on mutual respect and cooperation.

What you will do as an Operator (sample):
  • Responsible for setting up and operating the machine to produce high quality products and perform routine machine maintenance.
  • Responsible for keeping blade set-ups maintained.             
  • Work with crush cut and razor blades                                     
  • Box, package, stack finished rolls weighing up to 35 lbs to heights of up to 6ft.         
  • Capable of earning and maintaining a forklift license for a motorized pallet jack.         
  • Move skids of material and finished goods to and from machine area with pallet jack.
  • Complete production data entry and paperwork.

Good luck with your application!    We hope to meet you soon!

Do you think tesa?

Do you think tesa?

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