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Calm on the railway

Removing unnecessary noise and rattling in railway vehicles.

Oct 5, 2018

Passengers in the railcar as well as those waiting for their train must feel comfortable and safe during their entire journey. To ensure this the railway industry uses complex solutions to eliminate possible sources of noise, vibration, and rattling.

Noise conditions as well as aging materials, environmental changes, and track conditions pose many challenges for railway engineers. We are reducing noise, vibration, and rattling by offering a new generation of adhesive tapes that simplifying mounting and protection applications inside railway vehicles. Decades of experience in the automotive industry has allowed us to transfer experience and knowledge into the railway market. We’ve experimented and evaluated possible sources of noise and rattling throughout the train and have identified 3 product series that provide efficient solutions for the railway sector.

Prevent Squeaking Noises

tesa® 51207 is equipped with a self-lubricating surface that protects against abrasion and friction. The strong, transparent tape is designed to be used in complex areas to mask off cable shafts and absorb noise and abrasion from mounted parts.


tesa® 50118 is ideal for quickly bundling and mounting cables and harnesses inside the train body. Thanks to its fleece masking and excellent damping performance the tape absorbs rattling noises. The ultra low VOC product fulfils the EN 45545 requirements.

Hole Covering

Our hole covering products offer permanent sealing solutions to prevent corrosion for the lifetime of the railway vehicle. tesa® 54715 has a powerful acrylic adhesive that is suitable for sealing internal holes in the railcar. Our products prevent the emission of acoustic noise, heat and radiation, and operate as a waterproofing and self-extinguishing sealant.

Adhesive solutions based on market driven demands

Close contact to our customers is one of the key factors for tesa’s success. We know our customers’ needs and are continuously developing new products for their individual requirements. We have a large assortment of products that meet the needs of the market. Together, we can enhance the railway industry even more. Would you like to know more? Get in touch with us!