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Wind of Change in the Paper Manufacturing and Offset Printing Industries

As the commercial printing industry adapts to changing market demands, we continue to find innovative adhesive solutions that help printers remain competitive

Nov 22, 2017

Because the paper and printing industry is constantly in flux, it can be hard to say with confidence what lies ahead. As print buyers increasingly want to make sure their content is up to date, the demand for shorter print runs will continue to lower margins on jobs, while the declining demand for print advertising shows no signs of slowing. At the same time, digital print volume continues to soar, as the fast-paced business world prioritizes shorter turnarounds, smaller quantities, and more economical pricing.

Our adhesives help offset printers remain competitive


To remain competitive in the highly dynamic printing market, you need a reliable partner with decades of experience in the offset printing market. At tesa, we continue to invest in new tape technology that helps our customers control costs while improving print quality and process efficiency. As a result, you can count on our worldwide network of trusted splicing experts.
Below are just two examples of our proven innovation in the printing industry.

tesa EasySplice®, the world’s pioneering straight-line splicing tape


With the invention of tesa EasySplice®, we revolutionized the flying splice in the paper and printing industry. Since then, our worldwide-approved and award-winning multifunctional splicing tapes have set the benchmark for paper producers, converters, and printers.
Splicing failures can result in a significant loss of money and time, which is why tesa EasySplice® provides top splice security at the highest speed.

As part of our continuous drive to improve our products and help our customers overcome application and adhesive challenges, our improved orange tesa EasySplice® adhesive is even more resistant against the multitude of environmental conditions that can adversely affect splicing performance. It offers 30% more tack and 50% more durability than the market standard for an even higher splice reliability on different paper grades. It is also suitable for use on hybrid machines as well as on newspaper, heat-set, and rotogravure presses. 

tesa EasySplice® orange
tesa EasySplice® orange

tesa CaRes® technology improves the performance of repulpable tapes


The increasing usage of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) proves a considerable challenge for repulpable tapes. Because calcium ions migrate into the adhesive mass over time, the hardening of the adhesive dramatically reduces bonding. Paper mills using CaCO3 risked either contamination in the process because of non-repulpable tapes or CaCO3 related breaks of mill splices.

Tapes with our tesa CaRes® technology keep their well balanced properties until the paper reel is processed. This means the adhesive remains elastic and flexible for longer under a wider range of climatic conditions like elevated humidity and temperature extremes. The result? A fully repulpable calcium resistant tape for reliable, easy-to-apply permanent splicing.

tesa CaRes® icon
tesa CaRes® icon

New opportunities for growth


All printers, regardless of what market they serve, know that to succeed in the long term, they must continue to adapt to ever changing market and economic conditions. To this end, we will continue to help printers find profitability and opportunity, and we are constantly looking for new ways to support printers in this changing environment.

One opportunity of growth for offset printers are print catalogs. Despite the rise of online retailing and digital marketing, the print catalog has not only survived, but is experiencing a revival. Elegant print catalogs for global brands like IKEA, L.L. Bean, and H&M – just to name a few – have become a standard feature of the marketing strategy. The IKEA catalogue, for example, is the main marketing tool of the Swedish retailer, who spends around 70% of the annual marketing budget on the catalogue alone. It is produced in 38 different editions and in 17 languages for distribution across 28 countries.

As the printing industry continues to evolve, however, one thing is certain: printers must embrace new innovations to remain competitive. To learn more about how we can help improve process efficiency, please contact your local tesa sales representative directly or use our contact form below.