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flexographic printing
The Finest Side of Success

The Finest Side of Success

Excellent quality for fine screen printing and halftone images

X-Soft is yellow – the tesa logo color clearly indicates the foam hardness
X-soft yellow

Consumers are exposed to an ever increasing number of purchasing decisions. A typical US supermarket carries around 40,000 1 different items, all of which are relying on packaging designs to grab the customers’ attention.

To increase the visual effect and attract more consumers to their product, packaging designers and printers are working on more challenging and creative design elements.

tesa Softprint® 72420 FE was developed to support these endeavors. Our new product development helps packaging designers produce more critical motifs using very fine screens and halftone images. tesa Softprint® 72420 FE is fully-equipped with our new product core and high performance adhesives. The construction of this tape helps flexographic printers reduce job preparation time, promote uninterrupted print runs, and provide fast and clean plate and tape removal.

 [ 1 source:]

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Excellent Foam Qualities

Foam split is a common concern when producing fine screens and halftone images. We’ve enhanced the construction of tesa Softprint® 72420 FE to ensure the inner strength of the tape is durable and resilient. Our improved x-soft product core eliminates foam split and ensures clean removal. This reduces the time spent cleaning and prepping for the next job. These product enhancements not only improve the process, but provide the quality and consistency that print manufactures have come to depend on. tesa Softprint® 72420 FE produces:

  • Perfect round dots
  • Minimal dot gain effects
  • Excellent color gradient

High Performance Adhesive

We understand the importance of reducing job-changeovers and press down time. tesa Softprint® 72420 FE uses proven adhesive technology to overcome issues with plate and edge lifting. Our new adhesive composition produces easy mounting and demounting, while effectively securing the plate to the cylinder. Printers can benefit from:

  • Easy plate repositioning to speed up the mounting process
  • High cohesion strength to allow a fast and clean plate removal
  • High solvent resistance to avoid plate lifting during print runs

The Proof is in the Print

x soft print sample
x soft print sample

Experience the quality of tesa Softprint® 72420 FE for yourself. Contact your local tesa sales representative to request a print sample and learn how tesa Softprint® 72420 FE can help to increase your print quality.