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Splicing visual paper production
How to Easily Splice with tesa® EasySplice

How to Easily Splice with tesa® EasySplice

8 quick ways to maximize your tesa® EasySplice performance

 Check out our best practice guideline and download the overview document for your reference below


Check splitting strip


The splitting strips are delicate parts of the product.
Make sure the splitting strip is not damaged before you apply tesa® EasySplice.

Check for damage
Check for damage


Don’t apply tape to the full width of the roll


When you apply tesa® EasySplice, leave a gap of about one thumb’s width to the edge of the roll, to avoid exposed adhesive running through the machine.

Don't apply to full width
Don't apply to full width


Use a squeegee


Always use a squeegee when applying tesa® EasySplice to avoid premature opening and flying snippets. 



Trim the edges


To avoid damage to the web, trim the paper’s edges on both sides of tesa® EasySplice to avoid air pockets underneath the unsecured edges.

Trim edges
Trim edges


Check length of flag of the expiring web


Make sure that the flag is approximately as long as the distance between the bumper/contact roller and the knife.
This will help to have the best bond between two webs. 

EasySplice: Check Length of Flag
EasySplice: Check Length of Flag


Use a wider tesa® EasySplice for high speeds


For higher machine speeds, we recommend using tesa® EasySplice in a wide width to make sure there is enough adhesive contact area for a reliable splice. 

Use wider width
Use wider width


Synchronize speeds


Make sure the speeds of the new and old reel are synchronized.
This is essential for a secure contact between the two reels. 

EasySplice: Synchronize Reel Speeds
EasySplice: Synchronize Reel Speeds


Don’t cover the contact adhesive


Don’t cover the open contact adhesive if you use reinforcement tape or liquid glue in addition to our tesa® EasySplice.
It might negatively influence the adhesive’s performance. 

Don't cover contact adhesive
Don't cover contact adhesive

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