Application of tesa EasySplice® for Film Converting

How to Avoid Web Breaks During Flying Splice Applications

In order to avoid web breaks during flying splice processes you need a reliable partner with a wide range of splicing tapes and decades of experience.

Feb 14, 2019

The flying splice process can be accomplished in many different ways. However with the invention of tesa® EasySplice we revolutionized the flying splice process in the paper, film production and converting industry. As the name implies, tesa® EasySplice is the easiest, fastest and securest way to prepare reels for a splice. Just one straight line – no extra tape and no additional butterflies’ are necessary. This simple process enables printers to save time and therefore increase process efficiency.

Web breaks are one of the most time consuming and cost intensive errors occurring in the print production process. In order to avoid web breaks even on critical substrates, we developed a patent adhesive formula that provides excellent splicing performance even at maximum machine speeds. tesa® EasySplice products are equipped with a specially designed splitting strip. It ensures secure closure on the new reel during acceleration and a precise opening of the new reel after contact. Together, these features help to avoid web breaks and reduce waste.


Within the flexible packaging industry a wide range of film materials are used. In order to provide individual solutions, we offer a wide range of flying splice tapes. With our in-house splicing simulator we are able to conduct splicing tests on various film substrates up to 1000m/min. Thus we well positioned to quickly face market challenges and provide individual customer support. We will demonstrate this support and know-how at the ICE Europe 2019 exhibition.

One of our main highlights at the show will be our live demonstrations displaying how our splicing tapes perform on different film material. Therefore we invite you to bring a sheet of your production film material so we can test it at the show. Our experts will explain the benefits of our assortment and recommend the best splicing tape for your individual needs.

To arrange an appointment prior to the show please send a mail to

tesa splicing expert at work
tesa splicing expert at work