Prepared Splice for Offset Printing

Highly regarded INGEDE Certification for Our Splicing Tape Assortment

Our tesa® EasySplice assortment for use in paper printing complies with the standards of the “International Association of the Deinking Industry”.

Mar 15, 2017

According to CEPI  (Confederation of European Paper Industries), approximately 70% of all paper in Europe is obtained from paper recycling and we at tesa consistently endeavor to contribute to this figure.
In order to successfully recycle wastepaper, the paper must be “deinkable”. This means that inks need to be easily removed from the paper as do other foreign substances, such as metal staples, magazine inserts (often film material in use), and adhesive tapes. Then the derived paper fibers can be used as raw material to produce high-quality paper.

tesa is proud to announce that our tesa EasySplice® tapes for the paper printing  industry are certified for the deinking process by INGEDE, the “International Association of the Deinking Industry”. This supports paper recycling and minimizes waste.

To support sustainability, it is important for us to offer tailored solutions for all processes within the entire paper production and printing industry.
This is why we offer our repulpable splicing tape assortment for resource-efficient processes during papermaking itself, and our tesa EasySplice® tapes for the printing of paper - facilitating deinking and recycling processes.


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