tesa® Plate Mounting Tapes

Esko’s Full HD Flexo certification

After having received the original HD Flexo certification for vendors back in 2011, we have now taken the next step.

Feb 4, 2015

Be on the safe side with tesa Softprint® double-sided foam plate mounting tape – excellent printing results no matter which plate technology you are using. The secret lies in the formulation and handling of the foam.

tesa Softprint® plate mounting tape foams are developed to meet the highest demands. The closed cell structure as well as the exceptional elasticity and resilience of the double-sided tape foams enable a fast recovery rate after compression and a long lifetime with a stable performance throughout the printing process.

Only certified companies are allowed to carry the Full HD Flexo badge

The Softprint® foam is handled with the utmost care and its characteristics are not altered at any time during the double-sided foam-tape production process. Using the best raw materials is only one part of it; the way the foam is formed into a product is just as important. This is why we do not apply any thermal or mechanical stress on the foam during the production process.

Analogue photo polymer plates, digital plate technology, HD Flexo, Full HD Flexo – ever since its launch back in 2000, tesa Softprint® plate mounting tape has proven that professionals in the label and packaging printing industry can rely on the outstanding foam performance for excellent printing results and this has been confirmed once more with Esko’s Full HD Flexo certification.

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