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Brand-New Products For the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp and paper industries are under transformation and call for specialized self-adhesive tape solutions

Apr 24, 2017

Facing the Future Together

Despite widespread opinion that paper will become obsolete in the age of digitalization, paper in all forms and varieties remains a central part of everyday life.

At the same time, there is no denying that the winds of change can be felt throughout the industry.
Decreased circulation of newspapers and magazines, along with increased cost pressures, have led to ongoing consolidation and reorganization processes in paper production. As an example, less graphical papers are produced today, in favor of increased production volumes of packaging board and fluff pulp material for hygiene, food, and other markets.

End tabbing to securely close finished reels
End tabbing to securely close finished reels

At tesa, we have taken these market changes into account and as a result, we recently launched two new self-adhesive tapes.
For end tabbing of fluff pulp reels, our new tesa® 4446 securely affixes the top layer of the fluff pulp material so that the reel is ready for transportation or delivery.
Other possible areas of application for this tape are butt splicing or web feeding.

The recently launched tesa® 64432 was specifically developed for splicing of liquid packaging board, used for the production of beverage cartons.

Both products complement already existing assortments.
For a full analysis of all self-adhesive solutions fitting to your production processes, please contact your tesa representative today or send us a message in the contact form below.

Zero-speed splicing
Zero-speed splicing

In addition to catering to the demands of a changing market by developing new products, we continuously invest in existing markets and applications, always trying to increase efficiency for our customers’ processes.
Our new tesa EasySplice® 51250 FastLine TF was developed based on decades of our experience as a partner to the paper production industry. With 25% reduced product thickness, it is especially suitable for flying splice applications when producing the highest quality of coated paper.

We continue to be your partner for all self-adhesive tape applications during paper production - today and tomorrow.