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The new tesa® 4304
Masking Tape Reinvented

Masking Tape Reinvented

Our tesa® 4304 was one of the most used masking tapes for spray painting applications. We are happy to introduce a completely reinvented version of tesa® 4304.

Tags: Masking Tape

Trusted Performance

The tesa® 4304 paper masking tape used to be a staple in paint shops around the world. Thanks to its outstanding temperature resistance and residue-free removal, it was the ideal solution for spray painting work in the automotive industry, aircraft construction, and virtually every other industrial sector with high standards of quality. Even today, years after production was phased out in 2010, the original tesa tape still has an excellent reputation among spray painters.

After repeated requests for the tape, we decided to develop a worthy successor – a tape that meets your demands even better than the original. Our new tesa® 4304 shares the product code and the color of the original brown masking tape. But apart from that, it is a completely new product with superior technical properties. Most importantly, it is temperature resistant from 15°C to 163°C (59°F to 325°F) and can be removed residue-free even after multiple drying cycles.

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Applying tesa® 4304 to the substrate
Adding paper masks and fixing them with tesa® 4304 to avoid overspray
Easy demasking in one piece, without residues

Applying tesa® 4304 to the substrate

Adding paper masks and fixing them with tesa® 4304 to avoid overspray

Easy demasking in one piece, without residues

Testing our new tesa® 4304 masking tape

We know that for spray painters, the handling of the tape is another crucial aspect. That is why we made sure the new material is finger friendly and easy to unwind with a smooth backing. You can use it without gloves and remove it in one piece. Once applied, the product features high peel adhesion and good tear resistance – it is ideal, for example, to tape down the large and heavy masks used in rail vehicle construction.

If you would like to test our new tesa® 4304 masking tape, please get in touch with us or with your local Distributor!

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