First Bond, Then Powder - Problem Solved

tesa® FUSE 45012 is a ground-breaking bonding solution enabling metal fabricators to bond metal modules with heat-reactive self-adhesive tape before powder coating.

Jan 20, 2021

Introducing tesa® FUSE 45012:

  • Heat-reactive self-adhesive tape in roll format
  • Bonds metal parts before powder coating
  • Cures to final strength in the powder coating oven
  • Features semi-structural bonding performance
tesa® FUSE 45012 roll with pouch
tesa® FUSE 45012 roll with pouch

Typical Applications

tesa® FUSE 45012 can be used to bond metal parts, even dissimilar materials like steel and aluminium. It provides a firm and durable bond for applications such as stiffeners, frames, cover plates, or attachment parts.

Working Principle

Metal Bonding

tesa® FUSE 45012 Metal Bonding

01Metal Bonding

tesa® FUSE 45012 can be applied like a self-adhesive tape during assembling. It saves time due to a fast, clean, and simple process.


tesa® FUSE 45012 Powder Coating

02Powder Coating

tesa® FUSE 45012 withstands typical chemical pretreatments, the cleaning and drying process, as well as very high oven temperatures. During the baking process, tesa® FUSE 45012 cures to final strength.

tesa® FUSE 45012 Outstanding Performance

03Outstanding Performance

After powder coating, tesa® FUSE 45012 provides very high bonding strength and temperature resistance. It remains elastic enough to compensate for thermal elongation of different metal types. 

Your Advantages

tesa® FUSE 45012 has been designed to combine the advantages of tape with the strength of an adhesive. It allows metal fabricators to improve their processes and implement new ideas. 

  • Invisible Bond - Perfect surface finish
  • Design Freedom – Build modules from different metal types
  • Efficient Process – Finish module assembly before powder coating
  • Higher Performance - Significantly higher bonding strength and temperature resistance than regular tape
  • Time-saving – No surface finish or rework like grinding needed
  • Increased productivity - Immediate handling, no curing time needed

Product Details

tesa® FUSE 45012 is a heat-reactive self-adhesive tape in roll format covered with a filmic liner.

Thickness Lap shear strength [a] Maximum shear strain [b] Long term temperature resistance [c]
1,2 mm 310 N/cm² 360 % 120°C
  • [a] After curing for 30 minutes at 200°C
  • [b] See note a above
  • [c] Static lap shear test according to tesa test methods. Hold 2 kg for 10.000 minutes with a bonding area of 3,125 cm².

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