Protecting feed stocks with tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films

Jan 20, 2023


In modern agriculture, silage bales are the most common way of producing silage as feedstock for the winter. Silage is the result of the fermentation of organic materials for animal feed. Plants like grass or maize are cut and baled with plastic film to exclude oxygen. This process creates the perfect conditions for naturally occuring bacteria to ferment and preserve it. The silage can then be stored and fed to livestock in winter.

The bales can easily be spoiled, however, if the plastic cover is damaged. This can occur during transport or during storage outside by birds and rodents which cause holes in the wrapping. To repair this damage and save the animal feed before it is unusable, we have developed a new product, tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films.

Application of the tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films


When developing tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films, we paid special attention to three things: The tape can be torn by hand, it is UV and water resistant, and it has great tack even in cold weather. 

tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films is also extra wide to reliably cover larger tears. It is made from PE film, the same material that is commonly used for silage films, and halogen free (according to IEC 61249-2-21). tesa® 4648 repairing tape for silage films is a black tape with a natural rubber adhesive. Due to its thickness of 120 µm, and can resist the stresses typical of agricultural processes.


After the silage is consumed the film is gathered to be scrapped. However, the recycling of agricultural film is trending. Within the recycling process for agricultural PE-films impurities, such as PVC, needs to be sorted out. tesa® 4648 has been tested in industrial recycling processes with a good result: typical quantities for the repairing of damaged silage films can be recycled.

With all its features and benefits of tesa® 4648, our customers can rely on this ideal solution for the repair of damaged silage films.

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Repairing tape for silage cover films

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