Fixing paper masks with tesa® 4304 to avoid overspray

Masking Tapes for Spray Painting and Other Applications

In a wide range of different industries, tesa® masking tapes are used to prepare components for spray painting and other surface treatments. Applications include surface protection and powder coating as well as galvanizing and even sandblasting.

Nov 28, 2018

tesa® 4304 High Performance Paper Masking Tape
tesa® 4304 High Performance Paper Masking Tape

To achieve outstanding results, our assortment comprises masking tapes with very specific characteristics not only for spray painting. Where curved edges and three-dimensional surfaces need to be masked, our fineline tapes with a very high level of conformability are the ideal solution.

Our tapes with a paper or film backing have a low elongation and are therefore perfect when straight paint edges are required, for example for two-tone applications. The tapes ensure flawless and flat edges and reliably protect paint from creeping under the backing material. Due to their good quick-stick properties, the paper masking tapes can also be used to securely fix masks that protect surrounding areas against overspray.

Spray Painting: Masking Tapes for Different Surfaces

All tesa® masking tapes offer good adhesion on different substrates like rubber, steel, glass, plastic, and clear coat. They withstand drying temperatures from 80°C to 160°C and can be removed afterwards without leaving any adhesive residues. Tear-resistant and conformable, our spray painting tapes provide a reliable hold even for heavy masking sheets.

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