Lightweight Mounting and Lamination – Easy with tesa® 755xx transfer tapes

Transfer tapes are the new stars in lightweight mounting. tesa® introduced its first 75 μm double-sided tackified acrylic transfer tape in 2020 and, after the successful launch, did not stop there. Now the assortment will be broadened with two additional products: tesa® 75505, thickness of 50 µm and tesa® 75515, thickness of 125 µm.

Dec 15, 2021

tesa® 755xx transfer tapes in two liner versions

tesa® 75505, 75507, and 75515 offer excellent immediate adhesion to uneven surfaces and are suitable for a wide range of multipurpose lightweight mounting applications and the lamination of flexible and thin materials. The transfer tapes are conformable to every angle and direction, age resistant, and have a high initial tack, even on substrates with low surface energy. They are made to optimize the efficiency of your company’s operations.

Did you know? All three products are equipped with the unique and well-proven tesa® 4965 tackified acrylic adhesive.

Tapes without backing can be easily used for membrane switches, splicing, and decorative fabrics or to bond rubber and technical fabric materials for gaskets, plastics, or vinyl for labeling and tagging. All three tesa® transfer tapes are easy to handle in slitting, lamination and converting processes such as laser and rotary die-cutting.

The well balanced high performance tesa® 4965 adhesive system is approved for demanding interior mounting applications by leading global automotive OEMs, as well for applications in Consumer Electronics, Appliance, Plastic Extruders and many other Industries.

The assortment is specifically designed for the needs of converters and distributors with converting equipment. tesa® 75505, 75507, and 75515 are available in log roll formats, 200 m long with 1,372 mm usable width, and can be ordered with low MOQ 1. All products are offered with a branded glassine paper liner and a clear PET liner version. 

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Suitable applications for our transfer tapes

Lightweight mounting with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape
Lightweight mounting
Foam lamination with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape
Foam lamination
Fabric and textile mounting with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape
Fabric and textile mounting

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