For 100% silicone-free production  – Your new masking tape tesa® 4831

Silicone adhesives are commonly used in many industrial processes. In coating processes, high temperatures of up to several hundreds of degrees Celsius are often applied. Due to their material characteristics, silicone adhesives are ideally suited for this demanding field of application. However, using silicone adhesives does bear one major risk: cross-contamination. That is why we have developed our new silicone-free masking tape, tesa® 4831, for high-temperature processes.

Mar 24, 2022

tesa® 4831 silicone-free masking tape can be exposed to high pressure and high temperatures of up to 180°C. The robust backing material is a laminate of a PET film and nonwoven fabric that withstands these temperatures easily and creates precise paint edges. Reliable handling is also ensured as the tape is both highly tear resistant and finger friendly. The silicone-free adhesive provides excellent adhesion to rough surfaces. It features no ghosting or discoloring effects on several surfaces and will help you to create satisfying results.

Cross-contamination in production areas means that subsequent processes cannot be carried out without further treatment. Time-consuming clean-ups of the entire production are often a necessary, but avoidable step. The versatile tesa® 4831 masking tape effectively reduces the need for rework or dealing with defective products, thus saving both time and money. It is 100% organic silicone-free. Once the job is done, our tape can be removed without residue, ensuring maximum reliability in production. The show can go on without extra work!

Testing the tesa® 4831 silicone-free masking tape

Prebond masking, composite manufacturing, and metal sandwich construction are just some demanding processes in which customers rely on 100% silicone-free products. tesa® 4831 silicone-free masking tape really is the ideal solution to maintain a high-quality output in a multistep production process. The product was developed for daily use in industrial production and has proven itself in extensive tests.

tesa® 4831

Silicone-free high temperature masking tape

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