Developed for silicone bonding: tesa® 88665 MP+ differential Si/Ac double-sided tape

Jan 31, 2023



From kitchen utensils to aerospace materials: Silicone rubber is an extremely versatile material that can be used for a wide range of applications. The artificial elastomer combines properties from both plastic and rubber and comes in sheets, tubes, and other forms, such as rubber feet. Silicone is also more chemically inert than most plastics and perhaps most well known for its nonstick properties – which are also a challenge.

The bonding of silicone materials requires a special surface treatment process. In most cases, they are coated with a primer. However, many of our customers prefer a different solution – the surface treatment not only requires additional expertise and investment on equipment but also affects the efficiency of the converting process and can even cause health and safety issues. In addition, primers can only be delivered by hazardous goods vehicles and must be stored under special conditions.



To address this need, we have developed the tesa® 88665 MP+ differential Si/Ac double-sided tape, which offers good value for money. The transparent double-sided tape, equipped with a PET backing, a silicone adhesive on one side and a tackified acrylic adhesive on the other side, enables converters to bond silicone to various other materials without the extra surface treatment process or extra cost for logistics and storage of the primers. With the robust and flexible PET backing, this tape provides great dimensional stability and conformability for an improved die-cutting and lamination process, especially on soft foams.

The silicone adhesive provides strong adhesion and holding power to silicone material, while the acrylic adhesive provides equally strong adhesion and holding power to a variety of other materials. The well-balanced bonding performance on both sides secures a maximum range of applications covering carpet laying, silicone gaskets, phone case attachments, thermal insulation strips, water barriers, and industrial keypads.

In addition, this tape provides reliable performance even in demanding environmental conditions. The PET liner on the silicone side is designed to be removed first and has therefore a lower liner removal force.

tesa® 88665 MP+ PET

115 µm double sided PET film differential tape (Silicone/Acrylic)

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