Tested, Measured, and Proven

tesa® 4965 Original is certified according to numerous global quality standards throughout different markets, proving its versatility and reliability.

Oct 12, 2020

Certificates Demonstrate the Quality and Reliability of tesa® 4965 Original

tesa® 4965 Original is one of the most reliable double-sided film tapes on the market. It was introduced more than 40 years ago and has since set the standard for industrial applications. “The Red Tape” as it is widely known, because of its distinctive red liner, has a unique adhesive that makes it extremely versatile, durable, and safe.

The certificates that have been awarded to tesa® 4965 Original demonstrate its compliance with global quality and reliability standards throughout different markets. The broad range of the certificates that this product holds proves that tesa® 4965 Original is still useful in many different applications. 

Contact to Skin Certification

tesa® 4965 Original is tested and approved in accordance with ISO 10993-10:2010 and 10993-5:2010. These tests procedures measure the potential of the tape to produce irritation and skin sensitivity. Complying with these standards allows tesa® 4965 Original to be used in medical devices and health care industries. 

Indirect Food Contact Certification

tesa® 4965 Original complies with FDA CFR 21 175.105 regulations which support packaging, holding, and processing of packaged food items, without having direct contact with the contents inside the package. 

Railway Fire Certifications

The DIN EN 45545-2 R1 certification for the railway industry tests heat release, smoke generation (density and toxicity), and lateral flame spread. When bonded between aluminum materials, tesa® 4965 Original meets the demands for this certification at the highest hazard level standard, which is HL3. Through this certification, we can support interior and exterior applications in railway vehicles – this even applies to double-decker vehicles operated underground or in tunnels.

Additional Certificates

tesa® 4965 Original is increasingly requested in more processes and applications. To fulfill customer demands new testing procedures are consistently performed, and global/regional certifications are added to our collection of approved certificates. Among other specifications, tesa® 4965 Original is specified according to AIMS 10-05-031 Issue 1 and IPS 10-05-031-01 Issue 1. This product safely and securely bonds different components in the aerospace industry.

tesa® 4965 Original is also compliant according to UL MH18055 which specifies it for use in marking and label system, especially in the electronics industry.

team 4965 family
Team 4965

After several decades in the market, we are confident this tape will continue to prove its value-adding benefits for many decades to come. To build upon the reliability and trust of tesa® 4965 Original, we have created a whole family of products that use the same adhesive technology. If you rely on and trust tesa® 4965 Original, you will trust the entire team. Team 4965 consists of 9 unique products with their own specific features and benefits. Our simplified film tape assortment helps you determine the best solution for your process requirements.


Are you interested in learning more about Team 4965, its certificates, and how they benefit your application? Please contact us. We look forward to supporting you!