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5 New Tapes Join the tesa® ACXplus MP Family

The tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP) assortment, a true all-rounder and one of our most popular lines for industrial distributors and converters, has been updated with five new acrylic core tapes.

Aug 27, 2021

New ACXplus MP Line Extension
New ACXplus MP Line Extension

Our all-rounder acrylic core tapes line dedicated to industrial distributors and converters, now includes five competitive new acrylic core tapes. It is now available in three colors and three thicknesses.

As before, the transparent tapes can be ordered in thicknesses of 500 and 1000 µm. The gray and black tapes are supplied in 640, 800 and 1100 µm.

The tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP) assortment is popular because of its high viscoelasticity and excellent adhesion levels. The thick double-sided acrylic core tapes can absorb and dissipate stress and compensate the thermal elongation of bonded parts. They can therefore be used for a wide range of multipurpose bonding applications.

Viscoelastic & Versatile

Absorb and dissipate stress, also when transparency and LSE adhesion is needed

Extended Assortment

5 new products join and improve the already existing line

Easy Slitting

Provided in log roll format, various thicknesses and branded liner

One assortment, endless applications

The tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose products are, for example, the go-to solution for the mounting of emblems, displays, and decorative parts on household appliances. The acrylic core tapes can also be used for the fixation of displays and signs, for the bonding of glass, and for many other purposes. Thanks to the line extension of the tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP) assortment, the tapes fit the specific requirements of our customers even more exactly.

Deco glass mounting for demanding applications
Deco glass mounting
Emblems are mounted to appliances with double-sided tape.
Mounting of emblems
POS & display mounting
tesa Mounting of decorative parts with ACXplus Multi Purpose Tape
Mounting of decorative parts

The complete tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose assortment

We usually deliver the tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP) as log rolls in one of several widths. All acrylic core tapes of the assortment are equipped with either a filmic or a paper liner, both white with tesa branding.

Any question? Interested in testing the products?

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