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tesa counts among the Top10 Solution Providers for Electronics

The title was awarded to the group in May by the magazine ‘Manufacturing Technology Insights’.

Jul 4, 2019

tesa is one of the TOP10 solution providers in the electronics industry. The title was awarded to the group in May by the magazine ‘Manufacturing Technology Insights’.

‘Manufacturing Technology Insights’ is a technology magazine that features current trends, increasing consumer demands, and groundbreaking system solutions in the manufacturing industry. Every year, the magazine awards the top 10 companies that have excelled in delivering solutions to the electronics industry and that have impacted the industry as a whole.

For the first time this year, tesa was acknowledged as one of the TOP10 solution providers. "The ingenuity of tesa lies in how it crafts products for varied manufacturing processes and industries. They equip clients with technological solutions that are designed specifically for the application or manufacturing environment. [...] The adhesive tapes delivered by the tesa last longer and are built to mitigate some of the most complex challenges of the industry." Says the technology magazine in his article about tesa, which appeared on the occasion of the award in the May issue of ‘Manufacturing Technology Insights’. Furthermore: "Such products and solutions form a bond that helps tesa build long-term relationships with its clientele. The company understands the needs and requirements of a client by carrying out one-on-one engagements; the synthesis of these discussions translates into finished products."

Find the complete article online or in the following PDF.