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Cuttable foam tape – your reliable choice for rework and repair

tesa® 66425 - An all in one solution

Jan 5, 2023

Touch panels, lenses, display modules and screens are among the largest and most distinctive components of electronic devices. Many of these products are constantly used and carried around by their owners, exposing the sensitive displays to weather and other external influences. When it comes to screen related mounting, it is therefore a basic requirement that the components are reliably attached. Meanwhile, customers are also increasingly aware of the environmental aspects of the production for electronic devices and prefer equipments that can be easily reworked and allows for cost-effective, safe repair and recycling procedures.

For this reason, we have developed the new tesa® 66425 Cuttable Foam Tape. The tape is a reliable choice for room-temperature rework and repair, providing both high reliability and reworkability in lens and screen mounting applications with high rework requirements.

Features of tesa® 66425 cuttable foam tape

tesa® 66425 is a double-sided PE foam tape in a multilayer design. It consists of a black, closed-cell soft foam in the middle with black PET reinforcements and modified acrylic adhesive of high shear strength on both sides.

tesa® 66425 is specially designed under non-thermal rework concept. To remove the tape during rework, no heating tools are required. The super-soft, low-density foam in the middle layer of the tape can simply be cut through. The PET reinforcements can then be peeled off, leaving only minimal residue that is easy to remove. 

tesa electronics display touch panel cover lens

At the same time, tesa® 66425 is ideal for overcoming the challenges of taping larger screens with narrow widths, thus and supporting a high mounting purpose of the end devices. It has high push-out strength and excellent shear resistance, withstanding even very demanding environmental conditions. With the tape, the assembly process is less time-consuming and labor-intensive, saving both economic and environmental resources. Thanks to its PET reinforcements it is also suitable for die-cutting.

tesa® 66425 Cuttable Foam Tape has a thickness of 280 µm and is available on log rolls (100 m x 940 mm). The all-in-one solution reduces one step of lamination before die cutting, which provides better consistency in terms of product performance and a clear definition of responsibility for product quality management. If you would like to learn more about tesa® 66425 Cuttable Foam Tape or request a sample, please contact us or your supplier! 

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